Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Russell Crowe FF Updates

UPDATES For Russell Crowe Fan Fiction

Thanks to the generosity of so many of you, we've got a heck of an update for our site. This is just a fraction of what we have but we didn't want to overwhelm you. Remember to come visit our new EZ Board Role Play game at

and the site at

Thank you. Have a great time.

The Sprite By Diz
Part one
Rugby, Romance and Terry Thorne. What more could you ask for? No worries, you'll get it in this page turner.
Dino's Big Night by Darrin
The title explains it, sort of. Terry Thorne's mate gets lucky in more ways then one.
The Conqueror's Seed By Riley
The General himself tells this tale. Can a spy provide information to help Caesar's army to achieve victory?
Clean by Darcy
Bud White in love, Bud White being protective and Bud White seeking justice. This is another fine piece of work by Darcy. A real classic.
Part 1: Someone to Watch over me
Part 2: Stay As Sweet As You Are
Come to Me by Marie S.
What is SID up to now? Has he got a lovely butterfly in his trap? Things may not be exactly as they seem. More to come.
Part 1
Part two
Fortune Favours by Diz
Is there life after Grace for young East Driscoll? Read on and see in this wonderful three part story about our beautiful horseman.
Part one
Part two
Basic Training by Beej
Buckle up for this ride. Jake Mitchell is a K&R man. He's a wonderful character heading this adventure filled tail of life in the business and beyond. Love, intrigue and excitement fill this page turner.
Part one, chapter one though three
Part two, chapters four through five
The Queensbury Rules by Bridgid
A seven part story of what happened to the Braddock family after the Max Baer bout
Chapter one
The Police Blotter An on going Bud White story by Bridgid E book chapter.

Thanks to Darrin for the space to update and the help with our graphics. There's a lot more to come!

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