Saturday, September 15, 2007

Update on Russell Crowe Fan Fiction

We'll be off to a good start! Submissions have been coming in and the site is ready to go loud. (as Terry Thorne would say) Here's a little taste of what you all have to look forward to. Drop by, take a look. There's lots more to come and we are sooooo excited.

List of writers and stories ...for starters...

Lucky Jack and the Beanstalk
What a wonderfully fun little fairy tale mixing our favorite Captain and his surgeon with a little fe fi fo fum. Enjoy!
Hando's Slide by Bridgid
Hando meets his match
Qui ose Gagne by Bridgid
A young Terry meets a fellow officer during a PT run. Things get a little hot along the way
The Police Blotter An on going Bud White story by Bridgid
Dead Tomorrow
Originally posted on Isobel’s Lair, April 2006
An amazing take on Cort's life after Herrod
Part 1: The Search
Part 2: Another Bordello
Part 3: Come Full Circle
Part 4: Full Circle
A chance meeting, A charismatic man and a daring woman make for an eclectic mix, not to mention very steamy one. This is one great Hando story.
It'll look Like Justice
Bud White is as we know him in this tale from Darcy, gloriously flawed and protective.
Lucky Jack Learns a Lesson
Boy does he ever, one Jack Aubrey won't forget.

Fortune Favours
Part one
Is there life after Grace for young East Driscoll? Read on and see in this wonderful three part story about our beautiful horseman.
The Journey
Part 1
Captain Jack Aubrey takes charge of the admiral's daughter. His task is to transport her safely to her ailing husbands side. What intrigue will this journey carry?
Marie S.
Come to Me
Part one
What is SID up to now? Has he got a lovely butterfly in his trap? Things may not be exactly as they seem. More to come.


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