Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Russell Crowe Character Fan Fic and News update

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We've got a really great update at Russell Crowe Fan Fiction this week with a list of brilliant pieces by our authors. We're proud to have Isobel and Darcy join us this time with their wonderful Ben Wade and Cort adventure titled "He Lays in the Reins"

Also new to our authors with this update is Scarlet and she's contributed a great Hando story that left me surprised at the end. Nice work Scarlet.

Check out our hot little pairings from the EZ board in INTERLUDES New Viva Las Vegas by M and Bridgid, Max and Erin share a little bit of passion but not without jumping a few hurdles first. ..and now for the rest of the update.


I wont let you down Chapter 1

and the continuation

Back in the Harness Chapter 2

Another wonderful Terry story by our friend Beej.


The Queensbury Rules A seven part story of what happened to the Braddock family after the Max Baer bout

Chapter three

The Police Blotter An on going Bud White story E book chapters


Angel and the Badman An intriguing story revolving around the relationship and adventures Cort and Blanche by DarcyE book Index new chapter



Terry Thorne is in a tight spot. His mind is active, very active. Part one of this well written piece will stir up all kinds of emotion.

Part two


Full Circle

Maximus may be lost in this wonderful tale of enlightenment but he fines his way along with something else.

The Sprite

Rugby, Romance and Terry Thorne. What more could you ask for? No worries, you'll get it in this page turner.

Part three

Elise Van Cise

Justice Served Ben Wade is brought to Justice, with a capital J. It's not what you think. Justice is more than what meets the eye.

Part 3

Isobel and Darcy

He Lays in the Reins Part 1


Indigo Waters

Indigo is the color of the deep and silent sea but its also the name of a beautiful woman who gives a war weary and injured Jack Aubrey a bit of respite. I really like this one.


Can I Touch You?

Hando is as Hando does but there's an ending for him in this fast paced story, one you'll never forget.

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