Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Here's the Afternoon edition of the Glen Daily News

Cal here to all you happy Glen residents. We've got an early edition today to give our readers and writers a chance to bake cheesecakes or roast turkeys or whatever one does on the eve of Thanksgiving.

Since our little town is in Australia, some of you Yanks will be teaching their neighbors what this holiday is all about in America. Personally, I look at it as the day before I max out my credit cards.

Anyway, here's the scoop. One of our newest residents, Andy may have found a place to root. No I'm not talking bout what you think I'm talking about. Well, his room does have a bed so you figure it out.

Next, Richie kind of breaks a date then makes a date. Read on, skippy.

And then we find out why. What does Richie have up his sleeve for his lady love, Toni? Perhaps its in his pocket? Since he isn't a cop anymore we know it's not a gun.

So we get to the fact that Richie Roberts is a lawyer. Someone at the Glen may need a lawyer someday and its kinda cool you can find one in a tavern. Hey, men like steak.

Last but not least , my assistant Colleen goes out to talk to the General. Find out a few tidbits about General M.D. Meridius right from the horses mouth, so to speak.

Enjoy the update and just a note, There will be a late edition of the Glen News tomorrow, Thanksgiving day,however there will not be a site update this week. Oh don't worry. We've got plenty of stories to tell. We just decided to give you all a break from those harassing site update ladies.

I'm in the union so I will still have a job on Monday.

Read, enjoy and play.


November 26th 2008

Colin and Kate

Bold Moves

Lucy and Andy

Andy Dishes Out (with a little Steve)

Toni and Richie with Ivy and Jim

Corner Man (Jim and Richie)

Toni and Richie

A Celebration Times Three

Liana and Ben with Toni and Richie

Dinner and Conversation (Richie and Toni with Liana and Ben )

Joimus and Maximus with Collen and Cal

Interview with the General (Colleen and Maximus)

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