Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Russell Crowe Fan Fiction Update!

Hi guys!

Here's the juice on the latest updates over at RCFF.

We've started a new section of 'Artistic Endeavours' and our first contributors are Jo and Atonia. If anyone else feels the urge to express themselves, feel free to send us your designs.

We have a brand new multi character story from Atonia called The Triple J, plus a tale of intrigue involving our favourite sea captain, Jack Aubrey, In Time of Fog and Spies.

There's a giant update to Darcy's epic Cort story Angel and the Badman. Five more chapters of Kaz's wonderful Terry story The Price of Freedom are ready for you all to enjoy.

Ilaria is next, with two more of her fantastic Maximus stories, Darkness and Light and Excerpts from a Lady's Diary.Our good friend, Stacey, has joined us with her TOFOG inspired Ben story, Testify.

There are some updates over at The Glen for your enjoyment, New arrivals with Millie and Steve, who have taken over the boarding house/pub, and Olivia and Ed have arrived. There are also new adventures from Liana and Ben, Bridgid and Jack and Toni and Richie.

We've got some new poetry from Jo, so be sure not to miss that, and don't forget to check out our new video page, there will be new arrivals periodically.

You may have noticed that we are starting to put new stories at the top of the authors page as we felt this would make it easier for you to go to the latest additions, unless of course they are new chapters of longer on-going stories. Let us know if that makes things better for you.

We're always happy to receive submissions from our regular and new writers, so don't be shy, send your stories along. Our only stipulations are no slash and no kiddie porn. We update a minimum of once a week, so pop in and catch up on all the latest.

B, Beej, Marie and M

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