Friday, December 12, 2008

Late-Night Edition of the Glen Times

News From "The Glen"

In today's issue, we start with a vignette. Jimmy Braddock makes a short but sweet statement about his lovely wife, Ivy. I know she's lovely. I met her. Braddock's a lucky guy.

Bad news for Andy. He's had a heck of an accident and you'll have to read on to find out what happened, but...

News travels fast. Richie's got word of it already and he's ready to ply his trade but not before he gets a bit of sweetness.

Mickela's story comes to a head with a burst of excitement. After all this, is she ready to get the heck out of Australia? There may be a good reason to stay. You'll see in this third installment of her story with Egan.

Abby and Alex may be wrapping up their past in a way. The future is only a day away. Right? Alex realizes what he wants.

And lastly in today's issue, we have two of the Glen's happy couples just horsing around a little bit. Jack seals up his deal with Maximus and gets Bridgid her own pony. He got one for himself too, so things could get interesting in the near future. There may be a hayloft involved. Would that be shagging or chafing?

One more thing to add. Give a nice warm welcome to Layne who is helping the crew here at RCFF. She's throwing her hat in the ring to do some site work and we are really glad to have her.

Thanks to Marie, M, Beej and Bridgid, we are able to get these updates out to you and we're able to publicize the site to draw readers to your hard and wonderful work. With the addition of Layne's help, we'll be really cooking with gas.

Our regular updates are occurring as usual this weekend so if you have anything you want to include, make sure to send it on and we'll put it out there for all of the world to see.

Here's your links and have a great night.


Dec. 11, 2008

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