Saturday, January 17, 2009

Glen Times Update for Jan. 16

I swear, Cal is like a big baby. I kind of like being needed though. I hope he remembers what he is putting me through. Honestly, I don't mind.

Anyway, I'm doing this issue because obviously he is still under the weather. He told me to tell you all thanks for the cards and good wishes.

Let's get on with the issue.

Marce shares a little of her back story with us tonight. She's been running for a while but it sounds like she's ready to put the brakes on.

Kate and Colin are sharing something. Breakfast in bed, or breakfast then bed. She has some questions about their relationship and he seems to have the universal answer.

Cindy and her adorable son share a meal with Kim. It gives Kim a chance to see how the other half lives. It doesn't take much to whip up a little fun and apple pie. There's no substitute for love but its hard to tell if Kim knows what that is.

Ivy and Jim run some errands, a simple task for sure but there is one last thing on Ivy's to-do list that Jim doesn't know about. She leaves him without much of a choice to complete the last task on the roster. Good onya Ivy.

Ben and his business manager bring some work to the local solicitor. Richie Roberts finds some things that may not be legal about the Wades. Read on.

Last but not least, Richie decides its time to face the spray paint assailant. He's got a message for him and for John Biebe.

Marce and Hando

With Hando in jail and separated from Marce, both of them remember their backgrounds.

A Little Background Music

Kate and Colin

It's after the New Year's Eve party. Kate and Colin are at one of those relationship crossroads. Which will it be?

Making up or Breaking up

Cindy and Kim

A dinner with Cindy and Jake reminds Kim Barrett of his own childhood. Can mother and son do anything to help the businessman actually have fun?

A Fondness

Ivy and Jim Braddock

Back in the Glen after his fight, Jim Braddock is not quite acting like himself and Ivy is worried.

Last Minute Errands

Richie Roberts and Ben Wade with Miss Peeg

Ben takes his business manager, Dan Evans, to a meeting in Richie Roberts' office. Is everything about his and Liana's relationship all legal?

Business Meeting

John Biebe, Richie and Hando

Richie goes to see the skinhead who vandalized his office. And ends up giving John Biebe and Bud White a friendly warning.

Richie visits Hando

Hopefully Cal and his sense of humor will be back with your next issue of the Glen Times. If we're lucky, our new press will be delivered just in time as well.

As Cal would say...



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