Saturday, January 10, 2009

Glen Times Update Is Here

I hear the weather is cold back in the States and they're calling for snow in East. Luckily things at the Glen are hot and steamy.

Take this tale with Bridgid and Jack for instance. She's awake, I think. At least I am now. The home fires are burning for sure.

Let's not stop there. What's gotten into Liana? I mean literally, what's gotten into her? I want some of what she and Ben were drinking at the NYE party.

We'll take a little march back in time with Kate and Colin as they prepare for Toni and Richie's reception. Kate's got her trackies on to catch the bouquet but it seems to be making someone a little nervous. Nudge nudge, wink wink. Good luck, love.

Next we have part one of two. Its a story about one old gal that needs a little bit of an overhaul. That ole' Jeep of Meggie's might have something up her sleeve. She might just love her owner as much as her owner loves her. Enough to let her take a ride in Jeffrey's Audi.

Colin and Kate are on the job.

That's it for this issue. Keep your ear to the ground for tomorrow nights edition of the "Glen Times"

January 9th 2009

Bridgid and Jack

Hearth and Home

Liana and Ben Wade

The Afterparty

Kate and Colin

Wedding Bell Blues

Jeffrey and Meggie with Kate and Colin

In Need of Repair Part 1

To all you readers in the eastern States, stay warm and watch out for the ice.



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