Thursday, January 01, 2009

Libriscrowe Update

Jo's starting off the new year with a big update on Libriscrowe.
http://libriscrowe. com/libriscrowei ndex1.html

There are three new-to-Libris stories by Kazlynh, author of the
excellent "The Price of Freedom" Terry story:
Rebel Cause, a Terry Thorne story where Terry, shot through
the back, and three freedom fighters are holed up in a frigid
mountain cave.
Shadows At Sunset, in which Colin meets a strangely
beautiful and different young woman
Elk Hunter, Elk Dreamer, another Terry story where he
and Dino embark on a truly unique elk hunt in Wyoming.

Bridgid has three stories up:
Two sequels to her prize-winning "The Eleventh"...
Guilty As Sin, the sequel to "Rude Awakening" wherein
you will laugh heartily as Steve is put on trial
Stranger Than Friction, a really cleverly-done and very,
very funny contact between a character and his author, and the
sequel to "Guilty As Sin"
My Name is Jodi, a Colin story about a young woman
kidnapped during a bank robbery at Christmas time.

The 6th chapter of Stacey's A Visit From Sid, where the
lusty nanotech has kidnapped the author, whose sister and
Terry Thorne attempt a rescue in a darkened house.

Two stories by Atonia Walpole:
The Well, an original fairy tale about a Prince (who looks
strikingly like Egan) and a lady he sees in a well.
The Saving of Robert Kinston, where a Russell-based
character who is a world-famous author finds himself in a desperate...
and dangerous... state of mind.

Nothing by me on this update, but I've been adding a lot to
The Glen on RCFF, as have a lot of the Libris authors.
So do check out our link for that. The Glen is updated nearly
every day and you'll find all your favorite Russell characters
there, including Sir Robert Tornham, and a few other Russell-
based ones.

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