Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Paper Is Here, Get Your Glen Times

How do all. With so many of our writers on theHow do infirm list, I wasn't sure we'd be getting any stories out to you... but low and behold, they're here so I'll share them with you.

Kate does some reflecting while on a walk. She has quite an imagination and a wonderful eye for a photo. Maybe we could use her at the paper. Hmm

Richie Roberts has hired a secretary. I wouldn't worry too much about him chasing her around the desk. From what I see it may be the other way around.Miss Peeg will certainly keep things in order. Meet Amanda Cochran too, Miss Peeg's lovely niece.

Meanwhile, Toni's dad, Michael, has decided where to put down roots. Coffs Harbor looks good to him. Aside from that, Toni should have bought a Maytag. Read on!

Ashley and Lachlan are over the moon about the new baby. It seems to me that Lachlan is suffering the typical expectant father syndrome. I wonder if he'll get fat?

So, Glen residents, here are your links and enjoy today's copy of the "Glen Times"

January 7th, 2009

Kate and Colin

The Day Off

Toni and Richie/Miss Peeg and Amanda Cochran

Miss Peeg Sets Out

Toni and Richie with Michael

It's Gotta Be Monday

Ashley and Lachlan Curry

And Baby Makes Three

That's it for today. There's always stuff going on at the Glen. Remember, there will be an Australia Day Cookout at the end of January so be sure to plan to attend. I'll put another shrimp on the barbie for you.

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