Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Glen Times February 16-Double Issue

The update is pretty big tonight so I won't do a big bunch of headlines here and I'll get right to it.

Steve and Millie follow through with their Valentines Day promise to renew their vows and to take care of Brookie's future should anything happen. Thank goodness for Lucy and Andy who take on the responsibility and thank goodness for the Rev who handles it all.


Toni has a romantic evening planned for Richie. Honestly it looks like she's giving him two different kinds of cheesecake and he surely gives her his heart.

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Travis McGee settles at the Glen. In the first story he brings a temporary guest and he has a list of residents he needs to see.

In his second chapter he gets one heck of an inheritance from a family member. 'It' arrived on a Thursday.

Part three Uncle Travis has a visitor. She's his PA, sort of and she sure comes in handy for several things.

Alistair and Ahnna spend some time together. He explains a lot of things to her and perhaps it sheds some light on the guilt she feels in her soul. She may be free after this as she's been introduced to an amazing man.

Alistair helps another person at the Glen in a different way. Bridgid is lost at sea without Jack but Alistair lights her way and she's a woman on a mission now.


Johnny is admitted to the hospital with his broken bone but he's not alone. Amanda takes care of him and he notices too.


Miss Peeg is pretty darn interesting and do you believe Hando can't use a power washer? Hmm tough guy, right? He and Richie work it out.

Another of our new residents, Nick Russell, gives us a glimpse into his life. He has his parents piano, an acoustic guitar , some chipping paint and a surprise visitor. Interesting man.

I'm going to let our last story speak for itself. It has to be read. See what turn Marce's life takes in this poignant short and wait for what spins off of it.

That's it for now folks but things are really perking at the Glen and I'm sure, with Colleen, Libby and Abby to help, the updates will be coming fast and furious.

February 16th, 2009

Steve, Millie, Brook, Andy, Lucy and Alistair

All of Brook's Parents

Toni and Richie

A Chocolate Valentine

Travis McGee

Travis McGee Arrives

An Inheritance?

Travis McGee with Jan Rollings and Tee

Necessary Noises

Alistair and Ahnna

We...The Guilty

Bridgid and Alistair

Bridgid's Tuna Surprise

Johnny and Amanda

Not the End of the World

Toni and Richie with Hando and Miss Peeg

Richie and Hando, an Understanding

Nick Russell




Thanks to Layne and Stacey for the support tonight. It's a big issue and the help is much needed and appreciated.

Kudos to Layne for the brilliant blogging and many thanks to everyone reading at the Glen and on the site. Beej did a brilliant job with the site updates and I can't begin to say how much I appreciate her.

That's it for now, folks,



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