Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nottingham Now Robin Hood


In an interview with Larry Carroll at MTV Movies Blog, director Ridley Scott is now revealing that "Robin Hood" and not "Nottingham" will be the title of the latest collaboration between he and Russell Crowe.

“Oh yes, I think we are just going to call it ‘Robin Hood’,” Scott revealed. “We start in almost 2 months.”

In an attempt to clarify all the confusion from a few months ago about Russell Crowe playing multiple roles, Scott was eager to say that he had changed his mind, and that Crowe will simply portray the famed archer who rises from an unlikely background. “Robin Hood is in the army of Richard Coeur de Lion,” he said of how we’ll find the character early in the film “He is a bowman in the army of Richard Coeur de Lion.”

“[Crowe as both Robin and the Sheriff of Nottingham] was an idea so far back, way back when at the time I had this proposed to me, and I read it and thought, ‘I don’t really know what it does for it, but it’s alright’,” Scott recalled of the now-abandoned idea. “It is better to simply have the evolution of a character called Robin Hood, who will come out of a point in the Crusades which is the end.”

Ridley also dispelled all the talk of Russell not being fit enough for the role as "bullsh*t" and reveals that Russell's been working with a bow and arrow for about 4 months.

Whatever it's called, myself and lots of other Russell fans are waiting breathlessly!

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