Sunday, February 22, 2009


I'm not as good at blogging as Layne is but she's off visiting family right now so I'll fill in just for today. Here goes...

G'Day Folks

Well it's Sunday, busy Sunday today with the main site update and the Glen later on. Hope you can all relax and sit a spell to read all the latest.

Atonia has been very busy this week and has three offerings for us:

On The Edge : part 5

After a phone call home, Alex decides that it's not safe to stay close to the border. After a brief stop at the beach, he and Lori head south down the coast road.

The Healing of Robert Kinston: part 7

Robbie is taken to visit Ann for a visit. She gives him some sage advice.

Robin the Week

No, that's not a typo! Here's a delightful short poem about our favourite 'man in no tights'
We have a collaboration between Ilaria and Steph this week. Of course, Maximus is our hero:

The Sun on my Heart

Two sisters in love with two men...who just happen to be mortal enemies.
Layne is next up with her promised eagerly awaiting chapter in her Ben Wade story:

Unexpected Opportunity part 7

The night started off as pure sex for Ben, but he 's affected by the love and trust he sees in Lacey's eyes. Does he have real feelings for her?
I know you can't have enough of Wade, so here's the next instalment of Michelle's wonderful story:

Beyond Contention 11 - Justice

Will is slowly recovering from his gunshot wound, and Joshua endures a very uncomfortable haircut from Alice before they head out to Bisbee for supplies.
We have a little bit of Cort for you this week from Taffey:


Sally is more than just one of the town whore's to Cort, but can she stop him from heading out when a stranger keeps asking him questions about John Herod?
Trisha is back this week, and this time she's taking care of one Terrence Thorne:

A Touch of TLC

Terry needs a hefty dose of TLC, and Rach is just the person to administer it.
Finally this week, we have a new section at RCFF.

Moving On

The stories here were once upon a time to be found in a different place far, far away. The characters have finally managed to break the chains of bondage and are now sailing off into uncharted waters:Okay folks, that's about it for this week's update, althought there might be a late arrival, but no promises.
Keep your stories coming in, and don't forget that The Glen is updated several times a week, and the main site update is every weekend.Keep reading, keep writing, we couldn't do it without you.

Bridgid, Beej, Marie and M.

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