Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Wrestler

I really didn’t like this film. It was dark, depressing and the main character was so weak that when given the chance to change his life for the better, he escapes to the easy and the known even though that means his own destruction. He is so seduced by the mediocre fame he had as a popular wrestler 20 years ago that he can’t live his life in the present with a woman who cares about him or a daughter who gives him a second chance.

Mickey Rourke gives a very good performance. He deserves his Oscar nomination. He’s an actor I always enjoyed watching on screen. There’s an old 80s film with he and Bob Hoskins called A Prayer for the Dying. He’s terrific in that film. It’s good to see him back in film. Marissa Tomei is good as a stripper who is a friend to Rourke’s character, Randy. He wants more than friendship, but she is reluctant because he’s a client at the strip joint and she doesn’t date clients.

I think someone who enjoys wrestling would like this film better. I found the wrestling scenes rather disgusting and nauseating to watch. The pain and violence inflicted on their opponent for entertainment purposes wasn’t entertaining to me.

I’d give this film a C+. The plus only because of the performances.

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