Thursday, February 05, 2009

Your Glen Times for February 4th

Don't worry. I can type with nine fingers, or would that be eight fingers and a thumb?

In any case, my hand is fine so here we go.

We have yet another new resident at the Glen and I'll be getting to that shortly. First up we could be reading the very last Kate and Colin story at the Glen. You'll see what I mean.

Kim Barrett is full of surprises as he helps Jake arrange something for Cindy's birthday. He's full of 'Grace' , his mum and romance as he shows his good side and a smile to his best clerk.

Dom gets a job and it couldn't come at a better time. He'll be working with Colin at the garage and it looks like Jess will be spending some of the dosh he earns ASAP. House hunting is on the horizon.

This brings me to the new resident at the Glen. His name is Nick Russell and he's here for a few reasons but most of all he's here to shore up some changes in his life. His old friend Pete Valentine seems to feel the changes may be the end of an era for them both.

So here's the links to today's stories. Read on!

February 4th, 2009

Will this be the end for Kate and Colin? Will she end up with Sid?

Losing Her

Cindy and Kim Barrett

It's Cindy's birthday. Jake, Kim, and Kim's mom help her celebrate.

Cindy's Night Out

Dom and Jessamine with Colin

Dom has a job interview at Colin's garage. Will he get the job? He'd better, since Jess is determined to go house-hunting the same day!

Gainfully Employed

Nick Russell

Welcome the Glen's latest resident! Who's Nick Russell and what's the story behind his move to the Glen?

Land of the Second Chance

That's all she wrote. Colleen did a great job of wrestling the press around to get it working. I'm slightly wounded you know.

If I hear one 'Poor Baby' I'm going to cry.

Just Kidding. :D

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