Saturday, March 21, 2009

Director Kevin Macdonald on State of Play

State of Play director Kevin Macdonald recently spoke exclusively with the Daily Record about the movie, why Brad Pitt left, and his experiences working with Russell. Here's a brief excerpt from the article:

Despite Crowe's hell-raising reputation, Kevin had no problem keeping the actor on a tight rein - and admits his input to the movie was invaluable.

Kevin added: "He turned up and said, 'My character should have a pink breast cancer awareness armband.' "I asked why and he said, 'Well, the character's mother died quite young from breast cancer and that's part of the reason he feels he can't develop a lasting relationship with a woman.'

"And you begin to see an interesting depth. He took the character much further and was far braver than I would have been.

"I would have been thinking the studio won't like it if he looks like this or dresses like this, but Russell doesn't care.

"I think he is the only A-list movie star who has no vanity.

"It's working with a proper actor as opposed to a movie star."

High praise from director McDonald, but then there are those of us out there who have known all along that Russell deserves nothing less for his great performances and dedication to his work!

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