Thursday, March 26, 2009

Glen Time Update March 25

Howdy Ya'll!

Cub reporter Abby here, bringing you yet another latest edition to the Glen Times. Seems even though we've been busily celebrating the Wade Wedding all week, some of the folks around our busy little community have still found time to make the news (and boy what news it is! WOW!). Great for me, of course, because otherwise, I'd be out of a job! Heh....heh.. .(no ideas there, Cal! You know you love and need both Libby and I around here to make your life more interesting. ..if nothing else, to grab that 5th cup of coffee for ya! )

Heck, I'll go out and make my own news if it gets TOO slow around here!

Alrighty then, enough of my chattering about, here's what's happening around town tonight....

Oh my gosh! Something terrible has happened over at the Mill! Luckily, for Alistair, that hunky mystery man from the forest that Toni's been fantasizing about (chillax, Richie babe, it's JUST a fantasy) just happens to be passing by and sees what's amiss. (don't want to spoil things
for anyone here, so let's just say this... I knew Alistair and Robert were HOT, but this is a scary, to say the least!)

All I can say is, I don't know what this town will do if we lose our dear, dear good Reverend Alistair... he's touched so many lives here in The Glen and is such a caring man and now a devoted husband to Ahnna... okay, I'm wiping my tears now... I just can't bear the thought of it all... poor, poor Ahnna, she's been through so much these past few weeks! Not this! Not this!

And what of Robert? Seems this has all left him in dire straights, as well, not to mention sent the poor confused man back several hundred years or so into his past... What will Julie think when she learns the truth about the man she's grown so very fond of?

And hold on to your swords there, cuz this story gets even better... seems our resident Roman General might find a sort of "kinship" with our mysterious woodsman. Am I seeing signs of new BFF's? Hmm...

There's 9 chapters of this tale up so far dear readers, just enough to keep you on the edge of your seats and shed a few tears before the nights at an end.

Next up, could it be there's gonna be yet another wedding here in our community in the very near future? Well, if Jan has anything to say about it there might be! Good luck, honey... as I always say, that man Travis is a catch! Go get 'em, girl!

Then, back on the McGee farm, someone's been up to some mischief and now Jimmy Kelp's left chasin' calves. Shame on who ever did this! Poor Jimmy, like he doesn't have enough to do around that place already.

Finally, in our last story for tonight, seems Toni's gone and fessed up about her fantasy man, but Richie is none too pleased. Well, Richie... would you feel any better knowing there's women out there fantasizing about you? I'm just sayin'... enjoy the good stuff while your wife is wanting to give it, babe! Could be a LONG drought comin' up, better store up for the winter now, I always say.

That's all there is for tonight, so here's your links:

March 25th, 2009

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a russ5.jpgblanchett.jpg

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Thanks again to our great staff and all the wonderful writers here! Couldn't do it without ya'll! Happy reading! I myself am going to curl up with a certain hunky resident mechanic... catch ya'll later!

- Abby

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