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Glen Times for Thursday, March 5th

Howdy, Ya'll!

Yep, Cal and Colleen are still away, so us cubbies are here doing the update tonight. Oh boy, and what a great update we have for you, too.

First up, news travels fast in our small little community, and when Jeffrey hears about the murder he fears for Meggie's safety and quickly runs to her side to keep her safe. However, is it his protection that Meggie is really needing or wanting? Is this what they need to finally get past their issues with trust? This reporter sure is pulling for them!

Next, Liana is worried about about losing her husband because of the things he has done in his past catching up with him. Can her talk with Alistair help give her the peace of mind she needs? Like the song says, sweetie, Stand by your man!

In the first of three chapters, Joimus calls Alistair and fills him in about Marce's murder and Ahnna's attack. Now that he's returned, can he give Ahnna the comfort and security she needs?

Next up, with all that Ahnna has been through, the last thing she wants to do is go back to her flat. Does Alistair have the perfect solution for this?

Finally, Alistair takes Ahnna to the morgue in Coffs to identify her sister's body and is there to comfort her in her time of need. Love has been brewing for these two for quite some time now, and I for one am hoping they both find some real happiness in their lives soon.

Over in the more remote parts of the Glen, Robert invites Julie in to see his magnificent workshop, then into his house for a bit of tea. Is he finally letting down his guard a bit and opening up a part of himself?

Amanda has found the perfect little cottage for herself, however, will she be moving there alone?

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Miss Peeg, ever the busy one, has tracked down Hando, but can she talk him into going back to the boarding house? And what happens when she must tell her boss what she's been up to? I swear, this woman is some kind of miracle worker in disguise, she is! What a gal!

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Last up, he's rich, he's handsome, and he's apparently used to getting what he wants. Luckily for Travis, this time is no different.

Okee-Dokie, that's all she wrote. Here's your links:

March 5th, 2009

Meggie and Jeffrey

After reading about the murder, Jeffrey is off to protect Meggie. But will she need someone to protect her from him?

Watch Over Me, Please

Liana Wade and Alistair Harris

Liana Wade again goes to Alistair, looking for reassurances from her fear of losing Ben. But the truth hurts. Loving Ben Wade isn't easy.

Peace of Mind

Alistair, Ahnna, and Joimus

Alistair comforts Ahnna after her ordeal with Joe Sweeney. And discovers something he's been missing since his wife died.

In the Arms of Love

They say timing is everything. Has Alistair picked the right time for the question he asks of Ahnna?

Holding Forever

Ahnna isn't sure she can deal with identifying Marce's body. But Alistair is there to help her through.

Here in My Arms

Sir Robert and Julie St. John

Inviting Julie into his shop and into his home is not something Robert had planned. Has she carved her way into his heart?

Carvings in Wood and in the Heart

Amanda and Miss Peeg

Miss Peeg's niece finds a place of her own. But, does she intend to live there on her own?

Amanda Makes A Move

Miss Peeg, Hando and Richie Roberts

Miss Peeg finds Hando and convinces him to return to the Glen. But what will Richie say when he calls and finds his secretary has gone to the beach instead of the office?

Miss Peeg's Unlikely Liason

Travis, Jan and Tee

Jan and Tee arrive at the Glen. Jan is determined to stay at Millie's, and Travis is just as determined that she won't.

Travis Gets What He Wants

Big round of applause for all the talented writers and to my favorite cubbie cohort, Libby, for helping out with the blurbs tonight. Also, I need to give a huge shout-out to B for lending her expertise to tonight's update....couldn't have done it without you, babe! Thanks again for all your help and guidance!

Happy reading ya'll!

Oh yeah, and if you happen to see a certain hunky mechanic roaming around the Glen, give him a big ole hug for me.

Peace Out and all that!

:) Abby

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