Saturday, March 28, 2009

Glen Times Update for March 27

Cal asked me to do the update tonight and, since I don't have anything better to do anyway, since Mr. Dan Evans left me high and dry after asking me to have dinner with him, well...

Sorry! I know I shouldn't bring my personal life into this, but I just don't understand this guy at all. Asks me out, then calls me a few hours later to tell me he can't make it. No real reason why! Just "something came up"! I'm so mad I could spit! I'd talk to Abby about it, but she's off somewhere with Colin, having a real love life, so you guys get to hear me vent!

Sorry again. There's lots going on in the Glen (just not with me), so I guess I'd better get to your links and headlines before I go off yet again!

March 27th, 2009


Some people in town are already taking up donations for Alistair and Ahnna after the terrible fire at the Mill. Andy's starting one of the first drives. Don't forget to give generously.

Andy Makes a Donation

Toni, Richie and Miss Peeg


Toni finally gets over her fantasy man. With a little help from her husband, Richie!

Desperate Measures

Julie, Robert and Maximus

Julie overhears Robert and Maximus talking in the hospital and faints! Can she handle everything that's going on? And why does the nurse keep calling her Mrs. Loxley?

Identity Crisis

Johnny Ryan


With Amanda and everyone else off at the Wades' wedding, Johnny's left alone at the b&b. He's soon lost in thoughts of his life in general and Amanda in particular.

Johnny Left Alone

Kim Barrett


Kim Barret is barely aware of what's being said, as his father lays out his plans for his youngest son. Seems Kin has no choice but to go into the family business. He'll be arriving in the Glen soon to take over the store, so everyone get ready to welcome him!

Kim Barrett are you Listening

Tee, Sarah and Bill McGee


While Bill and Sarah lament the fire at the Mill, Tee wonders if, perhaps, God deserted Alistair that day.

Tee at Breakfast

Travis, Bill and Sarah

a russ5.jpgcandid8.jpg252505~Helen-Mirren-Posters.jpg

Travis calls to deliver some very unexpected news to his folks. How will they, and Tee, take it?

You've got Till Saturday

Ben and Liana

On the night before their wedding, the one she doesn't even know about, Liana makes Ben a promise. One he intends to see her keep.

Wedding Morning

Well, folks, that's it for tonight. Is EVERYBODY in this town getting married? While I can't even get a date? Really, I hope all of you enjoy your evening. Personally, I'm going out to find Dan Evans and give him a piece of my mind! Maybe he should hope I don't find him!

BTW, thanks to Cal and Colleen for giving me a job and all these chances. To Abby for helping me out and to everyone in the Glen (almost) for being so nice!

Night all!


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