Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Glen Times Update

Howdy, Ya'll!

Yep, it's me, Abby, resident cub reporter, bringing you your Glen Times update...all the stories that are fit to print. Seems Cal and Colleen thought Libby and I did sucha great job while they were away on their vacation, they're giving me yet another shot at it tonight. So, let's fire up the press and get this party started!

First up, Amanda shows Johnny a few piccies of her new cottage and is surprised to find outit's a cottage for two. How will he react when he finds out he's her new roomie?

Travis asks Jan to stay with him, but with a few obstacles in her way - including Travis' mum - will she find it possible to do so? Heh...with a man like that, she'd be crazy not to! That gal should know by now, anything is possible with Travis.

Now that she's been invited for tea in his home, what else might Julie find learn about Richard? Is it justhis love of books and a vivid imagination, or could there be a bit more to his past than she realizes?
It's a special day for Alistair and Ahnna - their wedding day, and what better way to spend it than in a place that's dear to Alistair's heart and with good friends.

Miss Peeg has made a huge discovery in the Wade file. Will she keep it to herself or will she let this secretoutta the bag? I'm beginning to think maybe this woman might make a great investigative reporter. Hmm...remind me to stay on her good side.

Well gang, there's yet another new resident in town... Well, he's on his way here, anyway. Let's hope Zack Grantlikes what he sees once he has a bit of a look around this little town of ours and makes it his permanent residence.

Joe Sweeny is dead and John Biebe is the one holding the smoking gun, but how will he handle it? Hang in there, sheriff! You did the right thing, babe, and I'm pretty certain that cute bloke lurking in the barn that witnessed the wholething will have your back!

Tom and Steve have been called in to the station commander's office. Have they been bad lads, or are they in for a grandsurprise?
Well, that's all there is for this update, gals and gents, so here's your links for tonight.

March 10th, 2009

Johnny Ryan and Amanda

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Alistair and Ahnna

The Light Shining Through the Wheat

Miss Peeg

Miss Peeg's Discovery

Zack Grant

On the Road to Town

John Biebe and Siobhan

The Smoking Gun

Tom Young and Steve

The Ambo's Come to Town

Thanks to our great staff and an awesome group of writers!
Happy Reading, Ya'll!

:) Abby

(Layne, we miss you)

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