Sunday, March 01, 2009

New Russell Crowe Fan Fiction Update

G'Day Folks

First of all, a HUGE Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapos!! And for those of us with no Welsh blood coursing through our veins, Happy St. David's Day :-)

It's Sunday, so it must be main site update day.. Have you all been enjoying the latest over at the Glen? Seems there's trouble in paradise. Let's hope things settle down over there pretty soon.

Meanwhile, here are this weeks updates for you to sit back and enjoy.

First up, we have Atonia with two new chapters:


On The Edge 6

Alex and Lori find an out of the way hotel, but all too soon, Alex spots a tail. Will they ever find a safe haven?


The Healing of Robert Kinston part 8

Robbie and Jill finally admit they have feelings for each other, and Jon seems to have his hands full as well.


Ilaria is up next with a nice long Maximus story:

A Twist of Destiny

When a beautiful rich lady buys the services of Maximus for the night, Proximo decides to administer a 'harem drug' so that Maximus will 'perform'. Little does he know the lady is a childhood friend of Maximus and is trying to help him escape.

Two new chapters from Stacey this week:

My Island

Catch up with Collin and Evie. How are they coping both on and off of their island?


We have two bittersweet stories from Trisha this week:



These two stories feature Colin and are set just after the end of the film, Heaven's Burning.

Okie dokie folks, that's about it for this week. As usual if we have any late entires, they will be added and another update will be sent out for you.

Happy reading, and keep on writing. It wouldn't be the same without you all.

Bridgid, Beej, Marie, M, Stacey and Layne (the A Team)

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