Monday, March 16, 2009

RCFF Update

G'Day Folks

Drama and passion at The Glen this week. I think we can supply some of the same in the main site update as well.

Thank you, Atonia for being as prolific as usual. We have three offerings from her this week:


On The Edge part 8

After two days on the road, Alex and Lori finally come across an out of the way hotel. They should be safe, for a while at least.


The Fifth Season part 3

Ben and Susan get to know each other a bit better, but Ben is gone as mysteriously as he arrived. He leaves Susan two surprises though.


Life As I Remember It part 1

A family gathers in their father's house to be with him in his final days. While his children talk downstairs, he lays in his bed remembering.


Jake is back in the second part of Beej's nail biting drama:

'Til Death Us Do Part part 2

Will Jake survive his traumatic injuries? If so, will his life ever be the same again?


It's off to the slave market for the start of this week's offering from Ilaria:


Maximus is sold into slavery. He is part of a job lot purchased by Proximo for his gladiator school. However, the unscrupulous slave trader decides to sell him again. This owner has no need of a gladiator though.


We have two more chapters of Stacey's adventure this week:

My Island parts 12 & 13

Life on the island is beginning to look good, but how will civilisation hit our two castaways?


Here's an interseting Cort story from our friend, Taffey:

If One Could Be Saved

The years have passed since the death of John Herod. Cort, now a lawman, meets someone from the dark days of redemption


Well folks, that's all for this update. Hope you find something you like. Don't worry if you think you've missed getting your story up, remember, we don't have a cut-off date and we are more than happy to give you a special update of your own.

The main site update is taking a break next weekend, but keep sending the stories in as we'll be back on March 29, and how scary is's almost April already.

So keep reading, keep writing, it wouldn't be the same without you.

B. Beej, Marie, M. Stacey and Layne - The 'A' Team

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