Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Russell Crowe Fan Fiction Update

G'Day Folks

Hope we haven't kept you waiting too long for the update this week. There was a submission on the way that I knew you would want to be included.

So, here we got with the links...don' t hold your breath for them working, you know what I am with the darned things LOL..

First up as always is Atonia - don't you love being first in the Alphabet, hon - keeping us busy as always with her great stories:

On The Edge - part 9


Alex and Lori arrive back in LA. Will things all go to plan now that they have come out of hiding?

Remembering Life - part 2


May comes to visit her dying brother and is horrified to learn that he would like a 'going away' party.

The Fifth Season - part 4

ben hawkwatch2.jpg

Ben manages to return once more and is introduced to his baby son, Benjy.


Next up we have a nice long story from Ilaria and Steph:

The Perfect Match

Maximus is injured during a surprise raid on a small scouting party. He is found, bleeding and unconcious, by a Germanian girl who is the daughter of a healer. When he comes round, he remembers nothing and is taken back to the village to be cared for. What will happen when...or if, his memory returns?


Are you ready for Richie? Layne managed to get us the next chapter to her story, despite being caught up in Liana and Ben's wedding at the Glen. Way to go, girl:

New Leaf, Same Tree - part 7

Richie picks up a girl in a bar, but where will he end up laying his weary and confused head?


Playing catch up with Stacey's story this week, so here are FOUR chapters for you all to enjoy:

My Island

Collin finds Evie on the floor covered in blood. While they await news at the hospital, he and Martin have 'words'.


Bringing up the rear this week, here's a fun episode in the life of young Lt. Aubrey R.N. from our good friend, Taffey:

Pocket Full of Dough

Aubrey browtalk.jpg

A practical joke played on Stephen backfires... or does it?

Okay, folks. That's it for another week. Thanks again for all your contributions, and we look forward to a new bunch next weekend. Don't forget, there's no cut off date for submissions so just keep them coming.. We will always do a supplementary update for anyone who misses the Sunday issue.

Keep reading...keep writing...it wouldn't be the same without you.

B, Beej, Marie, M, Stacey and Layne - the A team

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