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April 7th Glen Times

Howdy, Ya'll!

Cub reporter Abby here with yet another Glen Times Update. Is it just me, or is this little town of ours is quite the busy place? Heh... heh... not that I'm complaining, mind you... I actually love it! Keeps me and Libby employed here, that's for sure! Ah yes, job security is a nice thing!

Alrighty then, let's get this party movin'... Here's tonight's headlines for ya... Seems today is a special day for more than one special person and couple we know (shout out to RC and his lovely wife, Dani! Happy birthday and anniversary and many, many more to come!)... that's right, anniversary. .. congrats, Maximus and Joimus! Hope your day is as special as the two of you are to all of us!

Meanwhile, over in the sheriff's office, while John is on leave, how is his partner, Siobhan, going to handle it now that Bud White is on the job? Sure hope those two can get along... Yo! Siobhan! Bud may roar like a lion, but from what I've heard, he's a real pussycat deep down.

Oh...seems Toni and her brother Gerry were out for a bit of dinner together, hoping to confront their dad and his date... but just how will they react once they find out just who is date is? All I'm gonna say is... dang! That woman is EVERYWHERE! Still say she'd make a fine edition here at the Times!

Oh, and it seems poor Andy is a bit upset when that certain hot, young new chef he hired is late to work. Ah, but can March ease Andy's fears and assure him there's no worries? Hang in there, Andy! I hear your new place is a hit!

Seems Hando's still hangin' out at Tilly's while the chick is at work. But what's he doing going for a walkabout in Coffs for?

Oh, and what's this? Seems the new Mrs. Wade might have a bit of a surprise of her own for husband on their wedding night. Hmm... but how will Ben handle the news? Way to spring it on him, Liana, honey! Catch him while his pants are down!

Libby dear, we seriously need to talk, girlfriend! What's all this about you getting drunk and... um... trying to have your way with that hunky man that drove you home after the wedding? No wonder you didn't have such a good morning. Girl talk at your place...soon.

Aww... now here's a sweet story of a father and son... seems Richie and his son, Mike, spend some quality father-son time together. Sure hope those two can reconnect. about this last story... well, let's just say I had a wee bit of a surprise in store for my hunky mechanic boyfriend on our third date, and leave it at that. Sorry, Colin honey... I can... um... explain...

Well, that's about it for tonight, so here's your links:

April 7th, 2009

Maximus and Joimus
It's a beautiful fourth anniversary for Maximus and Joimus. Their gifts for each other are as unique and beautiful as their love for each other.

A Thousand Thousand Times, and More

Bud and Siobhan
John Biebe's on leave following the shooting of Marce's killer, and Bud White's taking over for him. Will he and Siobhan be able to work together?

White on the Job

Toni and Gerry
Toni brings Gerry to the tavern, to help her confront her dad, who's supposed to be having dinner there with another woman. Guess who it turns out to be?


Dinner for Two?

Andy and March
Andy is frantic when March is late for work due to, uh, someone named Libby. The business is booming, so what do Andy, and especially March, have to worry about?

No Worries

Hando's still spending his time at Tilly's. Wonder where he'll find a job, though?

A Coffs Walkabout

Ben and Liana
Is the second wedding night better than the first? Don't know, but it does contain one last, big surprise for Ben Wade.

Second Wedding Night

It's the morning after Libby got drunk at the Wade reception. Now, she's got to think about just what she did last night!

Not Such a Good Morning

Richie, Toni and Michael
Richie and Mike spend the day in Sydney doing father/son stuff, and getting to know one another again.

Father and Son

Colin and Abby
Did I mention surprises somewhere back up there? For Colin and Abby's third date, she has one for him. And it's a doozie!

Date Night

Thanks to Layne for her help with the blurbs tonight, and B for her expertise and guidence, as well as the rest of our wonderful staff and writers.
Happy Reading!

- Abby

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