Friday, April 03, 2009

The Glen Times for April 2nd

Hi, everyone. Libby Tyler here.

As usual, there are tons of things going on around town, from new store openings to a formal birthday party. Don't forget to take a look at Andy's big opening announcement right at the top of the front page!

And further down, you'll see some news about a big sidewalk sale at Barrett's.

As usual, though, the big news in the Glen is who's getting married; who's moving in together; who's interested in who? We have lots of that kind of news for you too.

By the way, Cal, I've been meaning to ask- When are we gonna start publishing the footy scores? Lots of people wanna know those!

So, here's your links. Hope you enjoy this huge issue!

April 2nd, 2009

Andy smile nice 2.jpg
The step Andy takes is no mere baby step! It'll make a lot of people in the Glen feel happy! And full!

Andy Takes a Step

Toni Roberts and Kim Barrett
aaa Kim smile suit.jpg
Hey, everyone! There' s gonna be a sidewalk sale at Barrett's next Saturday! If you're looking for bargains, that'll be the time. Courtesy of Toni, who talked the new manager into donating!

Kim Makes a Sale

Kim Barrett
Busy getting the store ready to re-open, Kim's exhausted and falls asleep in the upstairs apartment. He dreams about success, but in finding it, will he lose something else?

Alone at the Top

Jeff Mitchell

That gorgeous new plumber, Jeff, is redoing all the plumbing in the Mill-as a gift for Alistair and Ahnna. I'm so disappointed that someone that nice and that cute isn't looking for a girlfriend!

This One's on the House

Steveo and his Mum

She's bought Steveo a house in the Glen, and now she's redecorating it for him! Why don't I have a mum like that? (Just joking, Mom! I love you!)

A Mothers Gift

Amanda and Johnny

Amanda.jpgJohnny smilelookside.jpg

And here's another happy Glen couple moving into their own place! Amanda gives Johnny his own room, but how long will that arrangement last, I wonder!

Into the Cottage

Hando and Tilly


Tilly's afraid that Hando might come back to her house, but exactly what is it she's afraid of? His tattoos? Meanwhile, Hando finds the money Marce had been saving to bail him out of jail.

Will he Come Back?

Alistair and Ahnna

Ahnna has been praying for Alistair's recovery. Are her prayers about to be answered?

The Tune Without the Words


At the Meridius house, Cort bonds with Alistair's puppy. She sure is a big eater for such a little dog! Eating him out of house and home! Not to mention footwear!

Merry and Cort

Alex Ross

Someone call Bud White! This new guy in town has just stolen a paper. And he has the nerve to plan on coming in to see Cal after that?! He is kinda cute, though.

Under the Radar

Arthur Baskin

Down at Colin's Garage, Arthur gets the shock of his life as he's reading through the morning mail. He hates visits from his parents even more than I do!

The Post

Maximus, Joimus , Cort and Claire

Cort and Claire begin to get better acquainted, as they help the Meridius' fix up the Mill. Cort is fearful of getting too close to Claire, not knowing about his past. Would she still like him if she knew who he really was? Would he like himself?

Who I really Am

Nick Russell and Pete Valentine

Why the hell didn't Nick's buddy, Pete, tell him he still had a wife? And what's Kelly really out to get from Nick anyway? Seems a little suspicious to me. Staying married to a rich guy like that all those months without even seeing him?

An Overdue Announcement

Charlie Prince and Luke

Angry and jealous after the Wades' wedding, Charlie is up to something. And he's brought in an old "friend" to help him out. i would not want to be alone with this guy!

A New Job for an Old Friend

John Biebe and Siobhan

Bonnie likes working with Bud White just fine. But what she's really looking forward to is getting off work and visiting her "partner". "Partner in what" is the question I have!

Missing John

Jim and Ivy Braddock

As the Braddocks get ready to attend Sid's party, Ivy puts on a dress she's had for awhile. Does the dress have anything to do with the way she's been feeling lately?

More than the Dress

Sid, Kate, Miss Peeg, Ivy & Jim, and Jeffrey & Meggie

Several of the Glen residents turned out to, um-"honor" Sid at his birthday party. But should Sid and Kate really act that way in front of all these people? Miss Peeg doesn't think so!

Honoring Sid, Part two

Sarah and Miss Peeg


Miss Peeg and Sarah McGee have a "tea and gossip" session, discussing everything that's going on in the Glen. They're pretty well-informed. Maybe you should think about hiring them, Cal!

Sarah and Winnie at Tea

Well, that's all the news for tonight, but you can bet there'll be plenty more in time for the next issue! I think I'm gonna go find Abby and have a little "tea and gossip" session with her! We gotta talk to Cal about a raise. We thought this was gonna be a quiet little town without much happening. Boy, did we get fooled!

See you later, everyone!


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