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The Glen Times for March 31st

Howdy, Ya'll!

Yep, it's me, Cub-reporter Abby Campbell, bringing you yet another awesome edition of the Glen Times. And you know what that means, don't ya? That's right...Cal and Colleen are... umm.... 'busy' ... again tonight. Geeze... glad SOMEONE at this paper is gettin' some! (I'm sure my partner in crime, Libby, would agree, wouldn't ya, babe?)

Anyhoo, since I have nothin' better to do tonight, gotta work off my desires and get this paper out to all you residents (no, Colin, sweetie... that wasn't an invite... yet). So, on with the show, so to speak.

First up.... well, okay, I got a real beef about this first story of ours.... seems like 'Miss Thang' decided to throw that odd new husband of hers a birthday party and invited the entire Glen. But will anyone show up to it? Yeah, I'm really gonna go to THAT party! lol! Yo! Kate! Get a clue, babe!

Next, wench (trying my best to be objective here, folks, but finding it quite difficult).. . actually had the audacity to send her ex....MY boyfriend, Colin... an invite, too! But how does Colin react to the invitation? Heh....if he knows what's good for him, he best turn the little cow down! (luv ya, Col!)

And, of course, while Colin's busy openin' his invite, who should get find one in their stack of morning mail??? Yep, that'd be me. Read on to find out just how I react to the invite. Tell ya what, I sure gave Colin an earful about it! Poor guy!

Oh, and guess what, folks... we meet yet another new member in our little community tonight. Seems our latest resident, Tilly Adams, comes home a bit early from her job over at Toni's clinic and surprises a ..'house guest' and gets quite an eyeful (lucky gal!). Hmm...been wonderin' where that boy has been hidin' himself!

Over at the Roberts homestead, seems they have a bit of a visitor, too. Richie son, Michael, has come for a short visit, and what a little cutie that boy is! Heh, is father ain't half bad, either! (oopsie! did I say that outloud?)

Then, over breakfast, seems the story of the Mill fire has reached the Richie household. How will they react to the bad news? I don't know about them, but I'm still in tears over the whole ordeal! Prayers are with ya, Alistair! Hang in there, babe!

Oh Yea! Our community grows yet again when Tom and Tori move into their new home, be it ever so humble. Welcome to the Glen, guys! Glad to have ya here as neighbors!

Oh, speaking of new residents (yeah, we've got quite a few poppin' up in this issue, folks), Richie shares a cuppa with Kim - the new owner of Barrett's. But what kind of impression will the young man leave on him?

Over at the Mill, with the clean-up done, Jack and Bridgid lend a helping hand getting the place liveable again for Alistair and Ahnna, when B finds something a bit 'out of place' amongst all the building supplies. Now, what's that sneaky Captain of hers up to now?

In our final story tonight, we meet yet another new resident... seems Ivy's uncle, Ian Michael Gabriel, has arrived in the Glen. How will he get along with Ivy's new hubby? Hmm... sure hope he thinks more of her marriage to Jimmy than her brother, Mark, seems to!

Well, that does it for tonight's edition, folks! Here's your links:

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Thanks to our wonderful staff and all the talented writers here on our little piece of the web - Luv and appreciate you all!

Happy Reading!

Peace out and all that jazz!

- Abby

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