Thursday, May 07, 2009

Newest Glen Times Update

Hello there readers. First thing, a note on the Glen elections. Our own cub, Abby will be the Judge of Elections and we're working on getting ballots out to all residents ASAP. Remember, if you want to run for office there is still a little bit of time left to throw your hat into the ring.

Now on with today's issue. As you can see it is a big one so we'll get right to it as usual

May 6th, 2009

Jeff and Steveo

Steveo's mum must have known he'd get a bit lonely. She set him up, I'd bet on it. Check out who he calls to join him for dinner.

So Lonely

Colin and Abby

With all of the excitement over and Abby in her new room she can settle in for a good nights sleep. Alone...maybe.

Staying the Night

Sarah McGee and Mister Jessup


Mister Jessup has made a decision about something. It sure catches Sarah off guard and I'm sure it will do the same to another lady who lives at the Glen.

What was he Thinking?

Hando and Ursula

Hando suspenders diff.jpg

Ursula has some gifts for Hando, or maybe they are payment for his favors.

Not for Sale

John, Siobhan, Miss Peeg, Richie and Toni


Take Miss Peeg, a shooting or two, a kidnapping, an impounded vehicle and throw them in the mix. This is what happens next.

What Happened Next

Johnny, Amanda , Miss Peeg

Johnny best.jpegAmanda.jpg

Amanda and Johnny rush to Auntie Win's side after they find out what happened.

Auntie in Limbo

Richie, Toni and Miss Peeg

richie count.jpg

Richie won't leave his beloved wife's side but some of the pressure is off, for now.

Richie and Toni in the ER

Tommy Gavin, Jeff, Steveo, Tom Young and Tori

Tommy Gavin finally arrives at the Glen. His coming out party includes a plumber, a couple of medics and one medics lovely wife.

Tommy Comes Out

John and Siobhan


John and Siobhan attend the post mortem of the man Miss Peeg allegedly shot. Maybe dead men do tell tales.

The Autopsy

Robin and Julie

Julie is a writer, which means she has the mind of a writer. Oh, it is great when our fiction comes to life, isn't it?


Jack, Bridgid and Tua

Heading for shore as they inspect the damage to their vessel, Jack and Bridgid manage to pick up another survivor of the storm.

At Sea

East, Sarah, Joimus

Are angels ever named Sarah? East thinks he's found one. At the moment, though, she's a little bit of a fallen angel!

Entirely by Accident

Ben and Liana

Liana's first pre-natal visit to the doctor, and Ben's not about to miss that! He takes over, as usual.

Doctor's Visit

There you go, what a great bunch of stories! Thanks to Libby for her help with the issue. Great work picking up the ball last week Abby, Libby. Thanks to all of our contributors as well.

Cheers to Beej for her work on the site and Port Auckland.

On that note. This is your favorite reporter (I wish) signing off.

Hi Ho Silver, Away ...


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