Thursday, June 18, 2009

New RCFF Update

G'Day Folks

After fighting with FrontPage for hours, I've finally managed to get the updates sorted out. We have the next Season from Atonia in her popular series:

t port18.jpg

Bonfire of The Heart by Atonia

Fall has come round again bringing Terry back to Toni. Will a strange force on the beach spoil their season?

Let's all welcome Marilyn with her first main site story. Yes, hard to believe that she's only written for The Glen up to now. This in an Original Character story that looks like it's going to be very interesting:

That, For Me, Is You by Marilyn

It's 1990 and Renee is a sophomore in Lincoln Park. She has a crush on Drew, a senior, but once she joins the Track team, she becomes interested in Robert, a quiet senior who takes her home after their training sessions. How will this story unfold?

Here's the link for the updates:

Enjoy, folks, and remember...keep on reading, keep on wouldn't be the same without you.

B, Beej, Marie, M, Stacey and Layne - The 'A' Team

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