Thursday, June 11, 2009

RCFF Update for June 11

G'Day Folks

I got an early start this morning to bring you three new stories, two for the main site and one for Port Auckland.

We have the next chapter of Jo's wonderful Ben Wade story 'A Little Fall of Rain' - watch your back, Ben, Frank has found out just what kind of banking you do.

We have Atonia's Spring chapters from the new round of 'The House of Four Seasons' stories. Can I take a minute to thank you from the bottom of my heart, Atonia, for chosing the character you did. I was keeping my fingers crossed he would be Toni's 'Spring'.

Finally, a Port Auckland story with John Biebe and Keisha.

11 June 2009

Spring Came A Calling by Atonia

Toni's new season arrives. Will she be happy with John's choice for her?

A Little Fall of Rain 9 by Jo

Frank discovers Ben's true identity, and plans accordingly.

Port Auckland

Keisha Runs Him Down


After what he though was a disastrous first date, John has been avoiding Keisha. She finally 'corners' him, and manages to put his mind at rest.

Remember, keep reading, keep wouldn't be the same without you.

B, Beej, Marie, M, Stacey and Layne - The 'A' Team

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