Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 15th Glen Times

Hi! It's Libby and, due to technical difficulties, the July 15th issue of The Times is not reaching you until July 16th! Remember that old computer Cal talked about Cameron giving him when he was back at the Washington Globe? I think he might have passed it on to me, 'cause it was giving me lots of problems tonight! Seems to have finally cleared up now, though (maybe it was that good, swift kick I gave it!), so here's your Glen Times!

July 15th, 2009

Dan Evans

Dan's finally ready to do something about March and Libby. But what?

A Change in the Air

Tom and Tori

An ambo driver's life can have some really bad days, but at least Tom has someone great to come home to!

Better Late Than Never

Stevo, Meri and Jeff

Another weary ambo driver arrives home, and he has two special someones waiting for him. Both Stevo's mom and his love, Jeff, have waited up for him.

Home Safe

Richie and Toni

Toni's paying for all the drinking she did at the McGee's barbecue, but she has somebody there for her. Then, she and Richie finally come to some conclusions about their relationship.

Second Sight

The Bottom Line

Travis and Toni

Toni and Richie may have called a truce between themselves, but is everything truly over between Toni and Travis McGee?

Free Fall

Alex and Colin

Sometimes it's not a lover who's there for a guy, but just a good mate! Seems as though Colin and Alex have become just that.

The Worst is Yet to Come

Jim and Ivy

Toni and Richie's problems have an effect on their friends. They make Jim realize just how precious his relationship with Ivy is, and how fragile.

Friends and Fidelity

That's it for this issue! Isn't that enough? Are you not entertained? Of course you are! After all, Stacey and the writers put quite a bit into getting this issue ready, and our thanks go out to them. Enjoy this issue and we'll be back with you soon!


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