Wednesday, July 08, 2009

New Glen Times Update

Hi, everyone! It's Libby and, boy, is it great to be putting the paper together again! We were on a brief hiatus due to, um-maybe "social difficulties" is the best way to put it! Everyone in town was preparing for the big barbecue at Glenridge Station, Travis McGee's place.

Things there were certainly interesting, and you can now read all about it below in the first story, the round robin! Then, make sure you enjoy all the stories that follow it up! Round robins usually have some great stories coming out of them!

Relationships in all kinds of disarray, fascinating stories to be told, and maybe even a new relationship for one of the Glen's most loved residents. Read and enjoy!

Barbeque at Glenridge Station - RR

The bbq went off well--for most of the Glen residents. Some had a few problems. Read it all and see which ones are which!

Hando and Boz

Circus is Just Like Home

Hando doesn't think much of Boz' line of "work", but he has to admit he's pretty good at it!

Richie and Toni

Blind Drunk

Think Toni and Richie have done everything together? Seems they haven't done this. And afterward? Where else is there for them to go, but up?

Travis, Bill, Sarah and Kyle

Finding the Pieces

Will Travis and Jan be able to put all the pieces together again? Treatment for Jan will be only the first step.

Miss Peeg and Michael Stanley

Of Miss Peeg and Canaries

Has Miss Peeg finally met the perfect man? The one made-to-order for her?

Maximus, Joimus, Alistair, Ahnna, Robin and Julie

Royal Conversation

No one can tell a story like Robin. Especially this one, as he was actually there! He holds the rest of the group transfixed.

Ben and Liana

Making Plans

Ben's against Liana's plan to ask Kate to shop with her. He gives her her way, but makes a plan of his own.

So this is what the Glen's been up to since our last update! We hope you enjoy it! Thanks to Atonia and Stacey for getting the round robin put together, and to all the writers who contributed. We should be having regular updates again now. It's great to be back!


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