Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Russell Crowe Fan Fiction Update

G'Day Folks

The latest score...Frontpage 0 - Beej 1!!

Yes, after 48 hours, I think the battle is finally won and the new stories are up...let me hear you say YAY!!!

Okie dokie, down to business. Here is the delayed Sunday update for your enjoyment. First of all, the year is truly flying by and we have THREE seasons from Atonia in her House of Four Seasons series:

terry Dhill256.jpg

Summer starts as usual with Max, but real life jumps in and it soon becomes crowded.
Autumn brings my personal favourite season...Terry, in all his glory.
Snow Melt is of course winter, and winter means cuddly, loving John, although this season is different in a very significant way.


We also have a long, and eagerly I hope, awaited new chapter from Michelle in her wonderful Ben Wade story, Beyond Contention. I bet Layne loves this one .
This chapter has some trvia at the end. I was originally going to post all the chapter's trivia on a separate page, but I've gone in and added them all at the bottom of their relevant chapters (hopefully). If you want to skip back to read them, and you may need to re-read the story to catch up, I think you'll find some very interesting facts there, thanks Michelle for taking the time and effort to look up everything so well.


After the battle I've had, I hope I managed to get the link right LOL.

So, sit back and enjoy the read, and don't forget...keep on reading, keep on writing...it wouldn't be the same without you.

B, Beej, Marie, M, Stacey and Layne - The 'A' Team

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