Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Glen Times Update August 18

Hi, residents and readers! The hottest story in the Glen is breaking wide open right now and we have exclusives for you! How will this tantalizing and heart-wrenching love triangle end? We'll let you know as soon as we find out! In the meantime, enjoy all the drama, as well as everything else going on in the Glen tonight!

August 18th, 2009

Andy and Lucy

Worse Gets Better

After being bombed at his wedding, will Andy have the bomb dropped on him by his bride before the honeymoon?

Bron and Ceri

Girl Talk

The twins talk about guys. Well, who wouldn't, if you've got Max Skinner and Ed Hoffman around! What wonderful news will Bron have for Ceri?

Miss Peeg, Mr. Jessup and Richie

Spreading Gossip

Mr. Jessup is getting on everyone's last nerve, especially Miss Peeg's! He might wanna head for the hills, if she REALLY gets angry!

Travis, Tee and Toni

Casting Off

Toni has a nice day out on Travis' boat with he and Tee. But is that really all it is? Or all Toni wants it to be?

Richie and Toni

Cracked Foundation

Richie tells Toni about his drink with Jean Robinson, and suddenly everything hits the fan! Will Toni walk out on him for the last time?

Toni and Michael Stanley


Michael is surprised when his daughter turns up at his door right at dinnertime. Along with food, he has some very good fatherly advice for her.

Travis and Toni

A World of Hurt

Some members of the press aren't as nice as we are here at The Times. They print all kinds of pictures and crazy rumors. And now they've found Travis and Toni!

Richie, Toni and Michael

A Fine Mess

Toni needs her dad's help to explain the paparazzi's photos of her and Travis to Richie. But will explaining do any good?

Travis and Toni


The unrelenting paps find Toni and Travis comes to her rescue!

Travis and Michael Stanley

Toe to Toe

Travis invites Michael to the farm. But is it just to pick up Toni, or does Mr. McGee have ulterior motives on his mind?

Travis, Michael, Toni and Tee


Travis invites both Toni and Michael to stay at the farm, away from the press. Talk about a story that's gotten out of hand!


The Silence of Hindsight

Left alone, Richie finally realizes just why his relationship with Toni is falling apart. But has he realized in time to prevent it?

Toni, Travis, Bill, Sarah, and Tee


Travis' parents and Tee welcome Toni and take her in. How easy will it be for her to give in and just stay at the farm?

Michael Stanley and Miss Peeg

In the Picture

Feeling that Miss Peeg should know the score, Toni's dad talks to her about the mess between the Roberts' and Travis McGee.

Dan and Libby

Confrontation - Part 1

Pushing her feelings about Dan and March aside for the night, Libby tries to get some much-needed rest. But Dan's in no mood to just let things lie!

That's all for now, but stay tuned and we'll keep you posted! The next few weeks around the Glen should be very interesting. Not that aren't anyway! Thanks to Stacey and our writers. Couldn't do it without you.

Oh, and if you see a copy of any rag with the name Alex Ross on the masthead or in the byline, just ignore it! The guy actually fancies himself a reporter or something!


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