Friday, August 21, 2009

RCFF Update

Due to my moving and lots of other things intruding, it's been awhile since I managed to do an update post for Russell Crowe Fan Fiction. Lots of stories have gone up since then and it's all great reading, as usual. Here's the links and we hope you enjoy everything!

18 August 2009

Thorne in Charge by Atonia

The company takeover seems to run smoothly and Terry, Henry and Dino head back to Virginia. Terry and Toni get some interesting news, and Terry gets a worrying call.

Hard Fall by Atonia


The seasons move swiftly in the magical house, and Summer makes way for Fall. Hallie's next season has a unique form of arrival.

17 August 2009

Summer Romance Discovered by Atonia

Alex headtipdown whiteshirt.jpeg

The house has chosen the second season for Hallie. How will she react when she realises she doesn't know anything about him?

15 August 2009

Hell on Wheels by Beej

Star returns after an extended vacation to find Jake full of fun again, thanks to Shannon. Is this the lull before the storm?

11 August 2009

A Gathering of Brothers by Atonia

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Part two of the story finds the boys sent out to the barn by Anne, as she won't allow drinking in the house. The liquor loosens tongues, and Colin hears things that he'd rather have been left unsaid. What will his reaction be?

A Little Fall of Rain by Jo

The final two chapters bring this Ben Wade story to a heartbreaking end. Get your tissues ready!

09 August 2009

Spring Awakening by Atonia

Spring is about to arrive at The House of Four Seasons, and once again a new tenant preceeds the season. This time, the house is rented for the entire year by Hallie Madison. What will her reaction be when Andy explains fully the magic surrounding the beautiful house?

A Gathering of Brothers by Atonia

Meet Anne Alderman and her 'brood'; Sons Cal, John and Jeff, Stepsons Richie and Steve, and Nephews Zack, Colin and Ben. All boys raised as brothers under the same roof, and now back to visit their 'mama' for a family reunion.

05 August 2009

A Vacation From Life by Atonia

sop bb2.jpg

Another new tenant arrives at The House of Four Seasons. This time it's Fall. She's none too pleased when Andy explains she will have a companion...then she finds out just who it is!

Thorne and the Unexpected by Atonia

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Things are moving along for Terry and Toni. Back home in Richmond, Terry gets a message from Max telling him to get to the airport and meet a flight. He's not prepared for who he finds waiting for him there.

03 August 2009

Thorn in Motion by Atonia


Terry gets the job and is put to work right away. He arranges to work from home to enable he and Toni to move back to Virginia, but not before inviting Henry over during his school break. He bumps into Max while thinking about his finances, and his brother offers to do some investing on his that such a good idea?

30 July 2009

Thorn in London by Atonia

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Terry and Toni continue their new life away from the magic of the House of Four Seasons and arrive in London. There Terry discovers that some of the magic must have traveled with him. His film world and the real world are intertwined, and he meets someone he never though he would see again.

25 July 2009

A Painterly Eye Arrives by Atonia

Meet Jemma Cantrell; an artist who has rented a hideaway cottage for the summer in order to concentrate on her painting. As always, Andy serves as her guide, but she is more than skeptical when he explains that The House of Four Season chose her rather than she choosing it. When told she will have a companion she puts her foot down; she wants to be alone. Andy tells her if she won't chose, the house will chose one for her!

Summer is Summoned by Atonia


Jemma's season has arrived, and he seems to be of the same opinion as her. She doesn't want him there - he doesn't want to be there. The house hasn't had a chance to prepare him for what is to come. Has it made the right choice?

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