Saturday, September 12, 2009

Glen Times for September 9th

Hi, folks. This is Libby. The stuff that's going on in the Glen tonight is not to be believed! I thought these kinds of things only went on in the movies!

And there are different genres represented- -drama, romantic comedy, melodrama, and a nerve-wracking action flick, all going on at once! Who needs late-night television? Just read the Glen Times! We know drama!

September 9th, 2009

Richie, Jean and Nell

Nothing To Do

Ummm...This headline's a little misleading. Richie finds something to do--something he shouldn't be doing!

Travis and Toni

Come Fly With Me

In Flight

Over the Edge

Toni's on her way to visit her mother, but will she ever arrive? When she runs into Travis at the airport, all bets are off. The flight becomes one to remember! But what has Toni forgotten? Oh, yeah! Her, uh-husband!

Dwayne, Abby, Alex and Alistair

Who To Trust?

Dwayne takes Alistair Harris to visit the supposedly ill Abby. Meanwhile, Alex has come to rescue Abby, but who'll rescue him?

Dwayne, Abby Alex, Alistair, Maximus and Joimus

Captives - part 1

With Alex and Alistair both hurt, Abby tries to call for help. When Dwayne interrupts her, it's Alistair who calls in the cavalry. Or, would that be the General?

Dwayne, Abby Alex, Alistair, Ahnna, Maximus, Joimus and Zack

Captives - part 2

The General and the cavalry arrive--in the form of Cort and Zack Grant. Will they be in time?

Arthur Baskin

Keeping Order

Arthur becomes suspicious of all the new "customers" Adam Laughlin is bringing into the garage in Colin's absence. They really don't seem to need much mechanical work done!

Dan and Libby

Closing the Door

These two have been unable to stay away from each other again! But what will happen when the passion's spent?


All Over

Well, that's it for tonight folks! Thanks to Stacey and all the writers, who are surpassing themselves!

We're leaving you with a real cliff-hanger! I finally know what's going on with Abby, and I'm even more worried than before. Come back for the next update when, hopefully, we'll have your dramatic conclusion!


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