Wednesday, November 04, 2009

October 30th Glen Times

Well,folks, here it is the night before All Hallow's Eve and there's nothing scary going on in the Glen. Unless you count Charlie Prince!

You might say there's a bit of Trick-or-Treating going on, though. Mostly treats, but a trick here and there! Here's your headlines:

October 30th, 2009

Dom and Molly

A Good Start

Dom finally talks Molly into a date. And gets some unexpected company.

Dom, Molly and Amanda

Picking Up Nic

Dom and Molly meet up at Amanda's kindy to pick up little Nic. But Amanda notices something interesting about the little boy.

Kim and Amanda

Extended Care

Kim gets a bit more time with his daughter than he'd planned. But he doesn't seem to be complaining!

Travis and Jimmy Kelp

Travis: Problem Solver

Seems Jimmy and Nell are a little short on time to spend together. So Travis proposes a solution.

Richie and Rosemary

Rosemary Gets a Job

Rosemary lands herself a job, and who does she call to celebrate with her? Of course. But Richie's at Libby's when he gets the call!

Charlie Prince and Liana

Unwelcome Visitor

Ben's still away and Charlie comes knocking at the door. Just what kind of 'plan' is it he has in mind?



Liana's counting the minutes until Ben comes home. And marvelling that she could worry about him just the way other wives worry about their husbands.

Egan and Jessica

Their Time

At last, Jessica and Egan have an entire evening alone together. Just what they've been waiting for! Or is it?



Libby's pondering her life and her current situation. And wondering about Richie and other women!

Alex and Abby

What Have We Done?

Interesting question Abby finds herself asing Alex. She oughta know by now what she's done!

Alex, Abby and Libby

Comparing Notes

It's the first time Abby and Libby have gotten together since they both got out of the hospital. Will Alex interfere with their girl talk?

That's all for tonight everyone! Thanks once again to Stacey and our writers. Everybody remember to stay safe tomorrow night, and don't fall for any tricks! Unless you get the treats too!



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