Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 28th Glen Times

It's supposed to be the season of 'Peace On Earth', but life seems to be anything but peaceful for the Glen residents this Christmas! Problems everywhere you turn! Read on and you can be thankful for your happy holiday!

December 28th, 2009

Dom, Molly and Barth

A Watchful Eye

Molly's being watched, as she and Nic drive to Dom's house. Will Rosemary find out where they are?

Rosemary and Barth

Transaction Complete

Barth's willing to tell Rosemary where she can find her son. But first, he expects her to pay for the information.

Travis and Toni

Early to Bed

With Travis and Tee off somewhere together, Toni starts to go into labor early. What will happen with their baby?

Richie and Libby

Friends For the Holidays

Libby & Richie meet to exchange gifts. But will their friendship end up in trouble?

Libby and Frank


Libby's devastated after Richie leaves. But Frank understands his friend Richie's problem.

Alex and Abby

Back to Reality

Abby and Alex have returned from their vacation at the beach in time for Christmas. What kind of gifts will they ask each other for?

Ben, Dan and Frank


While Bud White & Zack Grant look for clues to Liana's whereabouts, Ben gets both impatient and sentimental about his wife and their baby.


Thinking Things Out

Thankful to have his house all to himself again, Colin is reflecting on his life and wondering if things will be better for him in the New Year!

And that's how the holidays are going so far in the Glen! Thanks, as usual, go to our writers and our resident updater, Stacey! Hope your holidays are going well! Join us for our next fun-filled issue!


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