Saturday, February 27, 2010

Glen Times for February 26th

As February comes to a close, the Glen is full of surprises--and I'm not just talking about Captain Aubrey's ship! There's quite a few unexpected happenings in tonight's update, so read on and stay informed!

February 26th, 2010

John Biebe

Home no more, Forever

Biebe's back! And guess who hasn't got him?!

Travis, Toni, Kyle, Cole and Bill


Get your britches on

Oh boy! Oh boy! Or is it a girl? Either way, Travis is dressed for it!

Egan and Jessica

Love is the Word

Jessica and Egan are having an idyllic afternoon. Will a few little words ruin it?

Johnny and Amanda

Amanda & Johnny.jpg

Something of Your Own

Johnny's finally back in the Glen after selling the farm. Now, there's only one big question left to be asked. And answered!

Jack Aubrey and Richie Roberts

Another Surprise

Will 'Lucky Jack's' luck hold when he springs his latest 'Surprise' on his new wife?

Jack Aubrey and Maximus

A Need of the Soul

Feeling a need to have his decisions about his son supported, Jack goes to his best friend--Maximus!

Richie Roberts and Nick Russell

Getting Out

Nick's finally found the courage to venture beyond his own door. And he's picked the solicitor to visit! This may not be good news for Kelly!

Ben Wade and Liana Wade


At the hospital in Coffs, the littlest Wade is doing fine. But what about her mama? Will Ben end up raising his daughter on his own?

Talk about your daily dose of news! Tonight's paper was more like an overdose! Thanks tonight to our writers and a big 'Welcome Back' to B, who's been sorely missed, along with her characters! We'll see you in the next issue.


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