Saturday, March 27, 2010

Danielle Spencer Interview

There's a great article and interview with Danielle Spencer at the Daily Mail site. She talks about her music, her new album Calling All Magicians, Russell and their relationship over the years, and the family. Here's a brief excerpt:

Asked if she thinks Russell’s celebrity will have any impact on the way her music is received, she replies, ‘I’m trying not to agonise too much about whether people are going to judge me harshly because of who I’m married to.

‘I’m 40 now, so I should have a lot of life experience for writing songs,’ she adds. ‘I didn’t expect to have a big gap, and I really admire women who manage to have a baby and not miss a beat. But for me it didn’t feel right to be stepping away from young babies. I felt my role was to create a sense of security for my sons.

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