Sunday, March 21, 2010

Glen Times for March 15th

Right , so I listen to my messages today and guess what? My cub reporter up and quit. Colleen is pretty damn upset and I can't figure out what I did wrong to drive her off. I guess time will tell.

Whatever is happening to Libby, you'll find out in this update.
Anyway, let's get this issue in order.
Jack and Bridgid are in their favorite spot. Yep, you got that right. B-E-D. It's a great place to have a conversation, isn't it?
Right behind that we have a piece I don't want to talk about. No way. Libby takes a powder and she's not alone, though this reporter thinks she'd be better off if she was. What a tangled web our little cub is caught in.
The object of Libby's affection meets up with the object of his affection. Geeze talk about six degrees of separation. Richie Roberts is laying more pipe then Exxon did in Alaska. Speaking of Biebe, where the hell is he?
Onward. The ex object of Richie's affection has a tete-a-tete with the current object of his affection. Are you confused yet? We won't need six degrees to separate the women of the Glen at this rate. If anyone is going to turn the rumor mill on, it would be Mister Jessup. Maybe he thinks spilling the beans to Miss Peeg will help him get into her knickers or something, but I think he's wrong. She seems like the type of woman who would appreciate a nice cuppa Lady Grey and a buttered scone more than a romp with the likes of Jessup. We would call it scuttlebutt but there ain't enough of that butt to keep his drawers up.
Speaking of britches, Frank Parker drops by Robert's office at high noon. You can bet yours (britches that is) that he's not there for a vegemite sarnie. He's just looking for a friendly little chat about the one who sees Richie as the object of her affection.
Is all this affection getting old?
If Richie were a woman he'd be the "Queen of da Nile" cause he's hot on the tail of his tail du jour. He's about to be a contestant on 'Truth or Consequences' by my reckoning. I guess you'll all have to stay tuned to find out.
Well, folks, That's all I have to stay about that. Now my lovely and more professional partner in life, love and printing will take it away.
Colleee, my darling its all yours.

March 15th, 2010

Jack and B

Pillow Talk

Bridgid and Jack are in bed, and he's distracted--by something other than her! Gasp! These two just got married. Is the honeymoon over already?

Libby and Barth

Hurt and Rejection

Our town solicitor has rejected our little cub. Who will she turn to now?

Richie and Nonnie


A Three Course Meal

And here's our noble solicitor, trying to explain things to yet another of his female conquests! Doesn't this man have an election coming up?

Nonnie and Toni


Friendly Advice

Miss Scott is worried enough about her relationship with Mr. Roberts to have a talk with the ex-Mrs. Roberts. Does she have reason to be?

Miss Peeg and Mister Jessup


Disgusting Little Creature

And here's Alex Ross' favorite informant down at the Glen Tattler, spreading the news about the cub and the solicitor to Miss Peeg! Can't anyone in town talk about anything else tonight?

Richie and Frank

A Friendly Little Chat

Ah, here's an interesting piece... Somewhere in a former life, the solicitor conducted several lengthy interrogations of Mr. Parker. Since Mr. Parker seems to have taken on the unofficial role of father figure to Libby, he's now going to return the favor!

Richie, Miss Peeg and Max Skinner


Am I her Keeper

Mr. Roberts finds out that Libby took a lot of money out of the bank, and he's curious. But why does he feel so responsible?



Detective Richie Roberts

I think pretty much everyone in town is aware that Mr. Roberts is a former detective. Well, he's put that hat on again! But why is he feeling so worried about Libby when he just finished assuring Mr. Parker that everything's all over between them? Interesting, isn't it?

So, that's our news, and I don't know whether to thank Cal or kick him for turning things over to me! Cal, darling, I think you'd better be the one to speak to the little cub, if and when she returns. I'm way too mad at her. If I try to talk to her, I may end up needing a solicitor and she seems to have the ear--and a few other bodily parts--of the only one in town! I would, however, be happy to conduct an interview with Mr. Roberts. I just love putting local politicians on the spot!

Please join us for our next edition when, hopefully, things will have calmed down and returned to something resembling normal around here. Until then, I'm going to lie down. Tomorrow looks like another long day around here!