Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 19th Glen Times

Well, Cal's off chatting with some pal of his on Facebook called Bambi! I've warned him about her! Honestly, next thing I know, the man'll start his own blog!!!

Anyway, that leaves me to do the update. Tonight finds us with some updates on old friends Sheriff Biebe and Terry Thorne. So glad to see Biebe back. The town hasn't been the same without him, and I'm sure Ben Wade will agree!

Egan's finally having some serious thoughts about Jessica (without help from Bud White's fist!). And, still in the news is Libby. We find out a little more about just what she's up to, and how Frank Parker and Richie Roberts are dealing with her absence!

March 19th, 2010


A Pint Alone

Egan's lifting a pint and having warm (very warm!) thoughts of Jessica! Everything that's happened between these two and they haven't even had a DATE yet???

Ben Wade and John Biebe

Biebe Boom

The sheriff's back, and who's the first man in town he runs into? The man who's squarely on the other side of the law!

Richie , Travis and Kyle

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Map Quest

Richie Roberts gets some help in his quest for our missing cub. And the more he finds out about Barth Madison, the less he likes the thought of Libby being with him!

Richie Roberts


Richie on Richie

The solicitor's spending his driving time pondering things like fidelity, the meaning of love, and what it is he feels for Libby. And just why it is that he's out looking for her anyway!

Terry Thorne and Meri

Terry has a Visitor

That gorgeous-looking Mr. Thorne is hard at work in his soon-to-be vegetable garden when he gets a visitor. None other than Jeff's mom!

Barth and Libby

Sailing Away

Having no idea that Mr. Roberts is out looking for her, Libby's having a nice sail with that dangerous-looking Barth Madison. There's no end to the trouble that girl can get herself into!

Frank Parker


Having had his say (and then some!) with his friend Richie, Frank Parker's on his way to the hospital to visit with Liana Wade. He's a little less anxious about Libby when he gets the news that Richie's out searching for her!

That's our news for this evening, folks! And many thanks to B and our writers for helping me bring it to you. Now, I'm off to drag my darling Cal away from the computer! See you in our next update!


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