Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 29th Glen Times

Hi, folks! We're a little late getting this edition to press, as one of our cubs isn't quite ready to return to work yet and the other, as we all know, has seen fit to 'become' the news, rather than just reporting on it!

This issue seems to be all about love and protection. Not that anyone around here has been using protection, as you can tell from the number of babies being born lately! We're having a population explosion and it's not because of new people moving into the Glen! Read on and see what I mean.

March 29th, 2010

Egan, Jessica and Ashley

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Poor Jessica's terribly upset that Egan might have heard her say 'I love you' and that it's ruined their relationship. I don't know why men can't just be more clear about their feelings. It would save so much trouble in the long run!

Sarah McGee and Toni


A Visit with Sarah McGee

Happy to get out for the first time since baby Cole's birth, Toni takes a walk down to visit her future mother-in-law. The things we women do for our men and babies!

Libby and Barth

Lost but not Alone

The wayward cub is still missing, out with yet another man. But what's this? Trouble with the man-of-the-moment? Why am I not surprised?

Richie and Nonnie

Waiting For Daylight

Speaking of the wayward cub, her man-of-the-former- moment is still out looking for her and still wondering why! But calling his woman-of-the- moment to tell her where he is just might be a mistake!

Richie, Libby and Barth


The man-of-the-moment and the man-of-the-former- moment are about to collide. And uh-oh! Seems the latter wants Libby to be one of his women-of-the- moment again! Huh?

Richie and Nonnie

Return of the Key

Having arrived home with Libby, the solicitor now has to face Nonnie. Is one of the women-of-the- moment about to become a woman-of-the- former-moment?


Consider the Possibilities

Now that she's allowed the solicitor to tempt her back to the Glen with half-baked promises, Libby is left to wonder if she'll be the woman-of-the- moment, or just one of the crowd!

Jeffrey, Meggie and Bud

I'd Rather Be Golfing

Protecting his Meggie has taken it's toll on the good Dr. Wigand, and he needs to see a doctor himself! Thank goodness it's good news! And after all the trouble we've had around here lately, I can't help but agree with him: I'd rather be golfing!

Andy and Lucy


It's time for the next Glen baby! Andy's letting the entire Glen know that Lucy's labor will be induced the next day. At this rate, Amanda's little kindy will be bursting at the seams when they all start school at once!

Ben, Liana and Dan

First Look

Speaking of babies, Liana Wade finally gets to meet her daughter! That poor girl has been through so much--both of them! It's lucky they have Ben and Dan there to take care of them.

Ben and Liana

Safe At Home?

The Wades have, at last, brought home their baby girl! But will any of them ever feel safe again? Even at home? Will Ben go overboard trying to protect his family?

Sid, Kate and Colin

The Results

And here's a bit of news we've all been waiting for! Before the Harbors can bring home 'their' baby, paternity tests have to be done to see if it is, in fact, Colin's baby. Hold onto your seats for the results!

Well, that's it for tonight's edition of The Stork Club- I mean, the Glen Times! Thanks to those who helped get it ready. In spite of my exhaustion, I'm looking forward to seeing what's going on with all these new babies! Hopefully, we'll find out more in our next issue. See you then!


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