Saturday, April 10, 2010

Glen Times for April 8th

Welcome to tonight's Glen Times. The press gave us hell tonight, so after he finally managed to get it going, Cal begged off, saying he was more broke than the press was! I've given him until I finish this issue and get upstairs to fix himself!

The Glen's new butcher shop is open at last! The McGees' new place will be a welcome addition to our little town. Make sure to stop in!

A very eclectic batch of stories tonight! Seemingly nothing tying them all together, except the fact that they're all about Glen residents. So I'll let you, dear readers, see if you can find anything in common amongst them for yourselves! Read on:

April 8th, 2010

Special Announcement

The Butcher's Hook, Grand Opening

The Glen's own butcher shop! Open at last!

Nonnie Scott


Digging In

Miss Scott has decided she's gonna fight for her man! Hopefully, it won't be literally!

Ben, Liana, Dan, Olivia, Tom, Tori, Jeff, & Stevo

Livvy's First Visitors

The littlest Wade has her very first visitors now that she's home. It's the ambo drivers who took her to the hospital! But how will her daddy take to them?

Tom and Tori

Practise, Practise, Practise

Practise makes perfect! And these two are working toward perfection!

Libby and Abby

The Cubs at Play

I'm hard at work getting out this issue and Abby and Libby are out shopping and discussing their love lives. Sigh... WHY aren't these two at work?

Richie and Libby

Until we Meet Again

The solicitor and the cub run into each other in Coffs and can't seem to leave each other alone. And what's this? The solicitor making an indecent proposal?!

Toni and Libby

An Uncomfortable Visit

Poor Toni! She thought she was through with Richie when they filed for divorce, but first Nonnie showed up for advice, and now her ex's OTHER girlfriend is on her doorstep!

Travis and Toni


The Wash House

Ah, there's nothing like a dirty man and a wash house and... Oh, sorry! Where was I? Oh, yes, Travis and Toni are having a conversation about her ex and the current goings-on in their own lives!

Richie and Nonnie



And here's our dear solicitor once again. He seems to be reconnecting with both the women in his life! When does he find time to practice law?

Kyle and Frank

Security Meeting

The two men handling private security in the Glen have a little meeting of their own. Mostly guy talk, but they do find time to discuss a bit of business. I'd feel really secure sitting between these two!

And there you have it! All the news that's fit to print! Thanks to our writers for putting it together for us, and thanks to Cal and myself for getting it to press. Hey, you gotta toot your own horn once in awhile! Don't forget to join us for the next issue. Hopefully, Cal won't be broke by then!


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