Saturday, June 12, 2010

New RCFF Update

08 june 2010

Fair Winds By Atonia


part 1 - 3 Amongst survivors from The Accolade, a British ship recently sunk by an American privateer, is one Lt. Henry Aubrey. Admiral Jack Aubrey is delighted to see him safe and well. Henry is now a few days short of his 21st birthday, and on the allotted day, with a heavy heart Jack hands him the package he has carried with him since Catty died, terrified that Henry will never forgive him when he learns the truth. Making an unscheduled stop at the spice islands, Jack gives Henry the choice of revealing his true identity to his natural father.

07 June 2010

Greenwood By Jo

part 2 - King John promotes the sheriff to Lord High Sheriff of Nottingham, his main duty to find and dispatch Robin. Timothy, meanwhile is starting his quest to find the camp in Sherwood, but is caught by the Sheriff and his men. Not believing he has nothing to do with the outlaws, he is about to be strung up, when he is rescued by a group of men who appear out of nowhere.

part 3 - Timothy admits the real reason why he's joined the outlaw band, and Robin opens his heart to Marion.

part - 4 Robin plans a raid on the barn at Peper Harrow, deciding to rid the sheriff of some of his flour stock, flour that rightfully belonged to Marion. Safely back at the camp, he decides that they need to prepare for winter, upgrading their shelters and strengthening their defences.

01 june 2010

Trade Winds By Atonia

Part 8 - In this final chapter, we find Jack trying to come to terms with his loss. He explains to Henry why he and Catty never married, but assures him that he loves him just as much, if not more, than his twin daughters. When his orders finally arrive, Henry accompanies him down to Portsmouth, making an unscheduled stop on his way back to Meadowfields which will surprise Jack when he hears of it.

27 may 2010

Shadows of a Different Life By Marie

part 6 - The portals have been at work again, and this time Ashley finds herself in the care of a certain Roman General, Maximus Decimus Meridius. Will Sid come to rescue her before she falls in love with the General?

Trade Winds By Atonia

Part 7 - Jack receives devastating news on his way back to England. How will this change the course his future is following?

Greenwood By Jo

The first part of Jo's 'unofficial' sequel to the film Robin Hood finds the Sheriff of Nottingham taking up residence in Peper Harrow, whilst our brave hero and heroine have set up camp in Sherwood along wither the Merry Men.

26 MAY 2010

Trade Winds By Atonia

Part 5 - Jack has to leave both his 'wives' when he receives his new orders. After 18 long months at sea he can't wait to get back to Catty. He arrives to find a surprising new addition to his second family due to some underhand work involving Judith.

Part 6 - Jack is away for five years. When he next sees his 'son' he is seven years old. Jack realises that he loves Catty more than any other woman that has been in his life, even Sophie. It tears him apart when he has to leave for Ashgrove to stay with Sophie and the twins before his next orders arrive. How long will he be able to cope with his double life.

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