Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Glen Update

Hello boys and girls. How's life treating you? I'm doing pretty good for a man with something on his mind. I guess you'll hear about it soon but for now I'm going to tell you about everyone else's stuff

Remember when Zack arrived at the Glen? How bout that little boy named after the guys who helped bring him into the world? Little Benjamin Maximus Moran to be exact. We've got a blast from the past for you with the RR from the Ben and Liana Wade wedding reception gracing our pages. Enjoy folks. It'll give you some prospective on things that are going on now.

We're going to start off with a little tale about the over protective Bud White and his lovely lady Marie. Marie wants a girls day out but that means the boys have to watch little Katie Marie. The big cop may be able to handle a full grown woman but how's he going to deal with one that hasn't got her wisdom teeth yet?

Next, Hando does what he does best. A little verbal fun with Jean leaves her panting and drooling like a Pavlov dog. How does he do that and if they can bottle it, I'll buy a case.
Steve Moran has his hands full when Brookie turns into Regan from the Exorcist. Whatever she has, I don't want so I'm not buying that stock. Millie sure makes his day though. Read on.

Richie is missing Nonnie. How bout that huh? As a guy I can relate to his antics but there's always one female you want to keep at home, barefoot
scratch that. Richie is missing Nonnie.

We haven't heard from Jason Morgan in a while. It's about time we met one of his friends, or whatever she is. I get the feeling we'll be hearing more from Natasha Scott but I would rather wait until she is over whatever is ailing her. She may have that Brook Moran disease or maybe it's what Millie's got.

Are Kim and Cara ready to take the plunge? Into the housing market that is. They're outgrowing the flat but there's something else buried under this arrangement. I like the feeling of it too.

Poor Captain Aubrey. He's fallen into a rabbit hole by the sounds of it. Whatever is plaguing a few residents at the Glen, and one in Sydney, has got him by the short hairs. Thank goodness for the kindness of new friends, Robin and Julie, old friends, Maximus and Joimus and his worrying wife Bridgid.

Good thing that JJ is not John Biebe's type or he'd be stuck in that tender trap. Of course he does something nice for her, well after he did something not so nice.
Bringing up the rear, we're about to find out what happened to Libby. (I was on tender hooks myself but we'll keep that quiet)

She's not in good shape and Richie jets to her side. What happened is awful but how will Nonnie handle Richie going to help Libby? After all she does have a brother but who knew? This is an edge of seat piece folks so take your time and digest. There's a bit of heartburn here.

And that's all she wrote, whoever she is. Enjoy the issue.

August 24th 2010

Wade Wedding Reception

All Glen authors

Bud and Marie

Girls Day Out

Hando and Jean


Baser Instincts

Steve, Millie and the kids


Richie and Nonnie

Making Amends

Jason Morgan and Natasha Scott

Trust Me?

Kim and Cara


Moving Across the Divide

Jack, B, Maximus, Joimus, Robin and Julie

Old Friends, New Friends, Good Friends

John Biebe and JJ

Ticket to Ride

Richie, Libby, Frank, Barth & Others

Libby's Disappearance

There's lots going on at the Glen. We'll be bringing you more romance, adventure and mayhem shortly so keep checking.



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