Tuesday, August 17, 2010

(stretch, yawn)

Where the hell am I , anyhow? Ah, there you all are. Yep the press woke me up. It must have been the sound of all of those spider webs falling off of it or maybe it was the rust. Whatever it was, Colleen has brought me a cup of joe and I'm all bright eyed and bushy tailed about this issue.

Lots of things have happened since this old man fell asleep by a tree. Rip Van has nothing on me though as I look better with a scruffy beard than that old fart.

C'mon ladies. You know you agree with me.

Do I hear crickets? Well shit, I guess maybe you'll say something nice after you read this issue of the Glen times.

First off, Sheriff Biebe is back with a bang. Okay, I don't mean literally or even figuratively but maybe eventually he'll get lucky with the biker babe he's come across. She's certainly got my attention.

Down boy!


Can you imagine Sid with a kid? Can that blue blood share Kate with a baby? Who knows? Maybe some day we'll be talking about Sid and Kate with eight.


What's Aubrey gotten into this time? There may be horses for carts but Aubrey is best suited standing on planks. It's Robin to the rescue along with his lovely companion Julie. The General and Bridgid bring up the rear but it may be more than a horse that's put the captain on his backside.

And then there's....

Jeffrey and Meggie on a shopping trip. He seems to be feeling some melancholy as he and Meggie buy some bootie for the girls. He'll have some splainin' to do for sure.

There are more purchases for the couple on the horizon and Nonnie's store is just the spot for everyone from grown up men like Jeffrey to all of the booming baby population in the Glen.


Meggie exposes a dream to Jeffrey, sort of. Life may not be a bowl of cherry blossoms for our favorite romantic couple but I have a good feeling about them. sort of.

We move on to....

Wedding preparations for Toni and Travis. Their families are there for the happy couple and daddy and mommy are there for Cole right now. Things are good but what will tomorrow bring?

A wedding perhaps?....

Yes, they're tying the knot. Travis and Toni are taking the plunge and its a beauty of a day. Morning coats and garden party dresses, a few close friends and family witness the I doose and the likes. Little Cole will not be going along on the honeymoon but someone else beside the bride and groom will be. Guess who?

Onward to...

Richie's son Michael has arrived, changed slightly since the last time his dad saw him. Michael has more on his mind than girls though it does look like the apple has not fallen too far from the tree. The kid's a real bulldog lawyer in the making.

Oh, then....

What, besides their line of work, do March and Nonnie have in common? Read on and maybe you'll raise a glass to it.

Last but surely not least....

Colin is doing some searching and the least of which he's looking into is his soul. What does Sid stand for anyway? Sure isn't Daddy?

So there you are folks. It's about time we let you in on our little secrets at the Glen again. I sure hope they keep you hungry for more about our town. I'm sure someone would be happy to feed your curiosity here at the Glen Times.

Disclaimer: This was not a dig at Alex Ross's rag, I mean Tattler. I'm sure he may have something valuable to print soon.

Love ya all,


August 17th 2010

John Biebe and JJ
Harley and the Mystery Man

Sid and Kate

Jack and Robin
Ride, Captain... Ride

Nonnie, Meggie and Jeffrey
Gifts From the Heart

Jeffrey and Meggie
Dreaming Through Your Eyes

Travis and Toni
Wedding Eve

Travis & Toni Get Married

Richie and Michael Roberts
A Breath of Fresh Air

Nonnie and March
May We Never Be Sorry Again

Dazed and Confused

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