Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fun abounds at the Russell Crowe Fan Fic playboard

Updates for Russell Crowe Fan Fiction are coming but until then, check out the action on our EZ board RP game. There's lots of great reading and an upcoming Halloween party to attend. All are welcome to take a look into our fantasy town called Diamond Shoals.

Here's what the local gossip columnist, Glory Bancroft has to say...

OCTOBER 12, 2007

Well, hello, my friends! Ive got an earful for you...Since this is my first 'broadcast' of the latest happenings around Diamond Shoals, I'd like to say welcome and thank you for so many GOOD opportunities to peek inside the inner lives of your world. So much to discuss and share! And I am atwitter with fascination over what is going to happen next with all our favorite men, so if you'll allow me, I'd like to let you in on the bit of titillation I've garnered in the past week.

Andy – If Andy’s luck hasn’t been good, he is definitely feeling a rise of it now: not only was he hired to be the new chef at the Tiki Lounge, he is cooking up some heat with Julie Simons. Will it be a vacation to remember?

Cort – Don’t let that soft Texas drawl fool you into thinking he’s slow on the uptake: this man’s as quick with a helping hand as he is with a gun, and apparently, he has extended his gallantry to a Rebecca Steele. What else does the former gunslinger have in mind?

Egan – Just when it was looking as if Egan would be the odd man out, in walks Rose. Of course, there was only one thing for this horseman to do and he did so in his inimitable Aussie style. Will Rose be as sweet?

Hando – Bar the windows and lock the doors, Scarlet has a handful least, that’s what Hando would like before the night is through! Looks like a hurricane has hit our Steel Magnolia in a soft spot.

Maximus – The memories of a gladiator and his beloved are what take us back into ancient Tuscany, where hearth and home are shadowed by a danger that keeps Maximus and Joimus on edge. What does her dream portend?

SID 6.7 – Has Miranda Harcourt bitten off more than she can chew with the resident cyber-sociopath, otherwise known as SID 6.7? Something tells me she is in for a wild ride at a local dude ranch.

Jack Aubrey – The Captain is a patient man, isn’t he, Bridgid Morgan? That’s why he lingers in conversation with your father: he knows what you’re thinking and he bides his time. He wants to have you by the lee...and over the table...and in the hanging cot...

Kim Barret – Something tells me the heat Kim and Samantha generate will be more in the way they match their wits with each other than in their dancing technique; although, judging by the way they steam up the dance floor, more private interludes will be quite interesting, too!

Arthur Baskin – Passion hath no glory like a woman on a mission, and Kate McGraw provides Arthur with “liquid courage,” topped by a blatant proposition. All that’s missing is a cherry, isn’t that right, Arthur?

John Biebe – The local sheriff welcomes vacationing German interpreter, Johanna Berger, to Diamond Shoals, but will their budding romance be cut cold by a call from Alex Ross? Choose wisely, O Sheriff of the Outer Banks!

James J. Braddock – Jimmie and Mae are going out for a night on the town, thankful for good friends, Tiggy and John Nash, who will look after the kids. Will their night be blissful and carefree?Lt.

Jack Corbett – Military legal eagles Lt. Jack Corbett and Sarah McKenzie prepare themselves for a day of sparring after a night of spooning, to face off in Islamabad. Who said war was hell? Love in the middle of war just might be worse...

Lieutenant Cristofuoro – Here’s a dark horse for Berger twin, Josephine, to take pleasure in! The mystery lies not only in where they came from, but where they will end up together.

Lachlan Curry – Newlyweds Lachlan and Ashley could not be happier, or deterred by things like sunburns when it comes to conjugal bliss. To complete their happiness, they adopt a new puppy as a playmate for their kitten, Speckles. How well will that go?

East Driscoll – East proposes a night out on the town to his wife, Kiki. If she wears a certain dress, who knows what else he’ll propose?

Zack Grant - Love and chocolate only whets the appetite for Zack and Cherokee, an appetite for something more substantial. Are they both ready?

Ed Hoffman – Beej makes quite an impression on Ed Hoffman, both figuratively and libation-wise. Has Ed found his Mata Hari?

Dominic Maloney – Nikki Hagen may be just the thing Dominic Maloney is looking for, especially as a stranger in a strange place far from what he knew best. A miscalculation in cuisine, however, may make the evening a bit challenging.

Steve Moran – When it’s a choice between his lady-love and pizza, Steve makes all the right choices: both!

Jason Morgan – Suave and debonair, Jason finds that standing between two beautiful women isn’t always a comfortable place to be, especially when the patriarchal cock is on the prowl. Does he also realize that Sandi and Darcy are quite capable of taking matters into their own hands?

Sean Morgan – When he isn’t brooding over the machinations of his children, or plumbing the depths of naval captains’ motives, Sean is testing the patience of the owner of the Tiki Bar. Scottish brogue, meet Southern moxie.

Jeff Mitchell – Torn between two choices, feeling like a fool, dear Jeff? Follow Darcy’s advice and break all the rules. You can’t lose either way.

John Nash – Only a man of Nash’s intelligence can marry sheer bluntness with charm, as evidenced by his request for a hot-hot-hot picture of his lady-love, Tiggy.

Colin O’Brien – the best judge of character is a beloved pet and Colin makes a valuable impression upon the feline, Bubba. But will Jessie survive the hangover to fully appreciate it?

Jack Reacher – Is Jack Reacher in for a surprise? Ryan Reign introduces him to Milton, but Cynthea introduces him to...well, we are ALL waiting to see what sparks will fly.

Ritchie Roberts – Ah, the salted air, the spray of water, the furtive glances...does he like what he sees? Is she willing to chat? Would a girl like her like a guy like me? Riley and Ritchie want to find out.

Alex Ross – Is this deja vu all over again for Alex Ross? To be taken in by a woman who deals in mystical artifacts and financial intrigue? Nolia has certainly snagged his attention, but what will it cost him in terms of solving the case? And will lemons ever be involved?

Johnny Ryan – Layla is a keeper, he says, and the engines are revved for making sure she knows it.

Max Skinner – A loaf of bread, a bottle of wine and...Erin Donnelly. That’s all Maximillian needs to make him happy.

Terry Thorne – Terry has a proposition, although its not what you might think. Our K&R man risks his heart as well as his job (has he ever done anything else?) and Mystery holds the key to his happiness. Will the personal integrate with the professional?

Ben Wade – Has Ben found the woman he’s been searching for, the one with the eyes that changed colors as he watched? He has her in his very hands, but what will she do next? Only an outlaw would risk his soul to find out.

Bud White – Sparks always fly when Darcy and Bud occupy the room and meeting at the Tiki is no exception. Alotta history, kids – how will it turn out?

Jeff Wigand – Ryan has swept the science teacher off his feet and the rest of the school has noticed. Unfortunately, so has the principal. Will their love suffer along with their jobs?

Tom Young – Dayna and Tom slip into the Tiki for a respite from the somber duty of preparing a funeral for Dayna’s grandmother.

Love guides and strengthens in times like this.Ooooo the intrigue, ooooo the drama! Ooooo, the dishing and gossip!I feel as if I am right there with you, so tug an earlobe - I'll be checking in next week to see what happens!

Im so glad we had this time together...

Find out what's new and exciting at the RCFF playboard. There's someone waiting at the Tiki Bar, could he be waiting for you? Danny O'Brian is in the house and is that Jude Coyne haunting the Banquet room?

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