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We've got quite a big update this time around at Russell Crowe Fan Fiction. There's a little something for everyone. Sit back and enjoy some of the new stories, follow up on the on going stories that have new chapters which we've listed, or take a skip over to our EZ Board community and say hello. Things are hopping at Diamond Shoals and the Tiki Lounge. We're even planning a Halloween Bash. Everyone is invited. Stop by the Banquet Room to see who the surprise host is.

Okay, here we go with the goodies. As always the new additions are listed by author in alphabetical order.

Check out our hot little pairings from the EZ board in INTERLUDES
New! The River Wild by Kiki and Discarded Veil by Marie S.

Basic Training
Buckle up for this ride. Jake Mitchell is a K&R man. He's a wonderful character heading this adventure filled tail of life in te business and beyond. Love, intrigue and excitement fill this page turner.
Part two, New Recruits ,chapter one
Part two, New Recruits ,chapter two
The Police Blotter An on going Bud White story E book New chapters
The Queensbury Rules
A seven part story of what happened to the Braddock family after the Max Baer bout
Chapter two

Bud White in love. Bud White being protective and Bud White seeking justice. This is another fine piece of work by Darcy.
Part 3: Many a Tear has to Fall
Don't let this slip by. It's an amazing little piece by Darcy about how the Crowe Characters came to be so to speak ... with some wonderful artwork by Jessie to boot.
Angel and the Badman Part 1 An intriguing story revolving around the relationship and adventures Cort and Blanche by Darcy

Mindful by Darrin
Terry Thorne is in a tight spot. His mind is active, very active. Part one of this well written piece will stir up all kinds of emotion.
Part one

Fortune Favours
Is there life after Grace for young East Driscoll? Read on and see in this wonderful three part story about our beautiful horseman.
Part three
The Sprite
Rugby, Romance and Terry Thorne. What more could you ask for? No worries, you'll get it in this page turner.
Part two
Elise Van Cise
Justice Served
Ben Wade is brought to Justice, with a capital J. It's not what you think. Justice is more than what meets the eye.
Part 2

Jessie Dallton
Fooled around and Fell in Love by Jessie and Bridgid
Colin and Jessie have a past but do they have a future? Find out in this hot little tale of two people who just crossed paths for a second time one night.

Marie S.
What is SID up to now? Has he got a lovely butterfly in his trap? Things may not be exactly as they seem. More to come.
Come to Me
Part three The Escape

Zack Grant earned himself a mandatory leave. His sudden vacation hardly fits the bill. Drugs, a beautiful woman and intrigue fill this story to the brim.

Thanks everyone

M and Bridgid

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