Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gaslight Hotel Gateway Updates

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening to everyone and a very good Wednesday to you all!

To those of you in the United States, I hope you have survived Tax Day intact so you definitely deserve a break.

To those of you're getting a treat as well.

So to help us start what is "hump day" for many folks and just plain old midweek for others, we would like to invite you to settle back with your beverage of choice, and prepare for the latest updates to the Gaslight Hotel Gateway at!

Single Character:

We are happy to bring you three more chapters in Bridgid's Police Blotter, featuring Bud White.
From Elise Van Cise: check out Ben Wade in Justice Served.

Original Character:

From Beej -- we bring you two new stories featuring her own creation, Jake. Join him in New Recruits and First Assignment.

Crowe's Point Fiction:

Chapter Two in Sharon's Ashokan Falls, featuring our favorite preacher, Cort.

The Challenges Page:

From the Fairy Tale Challenge the Gaslight featured a few years ago, and seen here for the first time:
By Beej:
Hansel and Gretel
Lucky Jack and the Beanstalk

From a Children's Story Challenge offered by Gaslight a couple of years ago, and also seen here for the first time:
By Tina:
Gift of the Magi

And in our current Movie Challenge:
By Tina:
Check out the first chapters in an adaptation of Laura

Photo Gallery:

For your consideration and enjoyment, we have lots of new pictures for you, courtesy of Jo Anzalone!

The Crowe's Point Couples Page:

We have updated it as well this time around so check it for any changes, and if you think there's an incarnation you might like an AE to be connected to at the Point, think about writing Crowe's Point fiction.

Check out the guidelines for more information and of course, your friendly moderators are always around to help. (Just click on CONTACT US).

And I think that'll do it for this time. Our next update will probably be in May (we'll give you a more exact date as soon as we know), so keep those stories coming!

And don't forget, we welcome your comments, suggestions and questions. Thanks again for all of your support and now...happy reading!

Tina, Beej and Sharon

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