Friday, April 11, 2008

A Message fromthe Gaslight Hotel gang

Good morning and good afternoon and good evening to everyone! And let me thank you up front for reading this lengthy message.

Some of you may have heard the news already, but for those of you that are on perhaps only one group, we wanted to make sure you got the information. And as I think Mark Twain once said, falsehoods can often circle the globe several times before Truth has a chance to get one leg in the trousers...or something like that!

Anyway, the news is that as one thing retires, another appears in its' place, to take up what was originally started. But we don't see it as the end of an era, but a new Phoenix rising from the proverbial flames! This is just to let you know that NONE OF US -- NOT ME, NOT BEEJ AND NOT SHARON AND DEFINITELY NOT GASLIGHT -- ARE GOING ANYWHERE!

Michelle -- the original founder of the Gaslight Hotel website -- contacted Trisha and me yesterday, and informed us that the original site ONLY will be closed as of the end of this week. Although Michelle has not been involved in Crowe fandom for the last few years, out of the goodness of her heart, she has been keeping up the maintenance on the original site. But these things do get expensive, and the original Gaslight had a good deal of bandwidth to cover. It is quite understandable that she can't handle the cost on her own any longer, so she is going to let the original site go BUT ALL OF THE STORIES ON THE SITE HAVE BEEN SAVED BY HER. (More on that later).

Beej, Sharon and I want all of you to know that when we emailed you all a few weeks ago, announcing the birth of the Gateway site, it was as a sister site to the original Gaslight. At the time, it was never intended to take its' place -- it was to encourage new writers and old ones that they had a place to return to or to visit for the first time, so that they might start writing single character fiction, Crowe's Point fiction, multi-character, or perhaps create an original character of your own. However, since Michelle is closing the original site, it seems like a work of Fate that while the big sister is leaving us...Gaslight will be reborn in a baby sister.

We didn't know at the time that Michelle would be doing this, and I'm grateful that the woman and a fandom which gave me and many others a reason to write again will always be there, even if it's under the new name. We are going to carry on the tradition and it very much is a tradition.

Gaslight Hotel will continue as the Gaslight Hotel Gateway at -- the gateway site that was announced back in February. It will live -- as intended -- in the spirit of what Michelle started. We will continue to add older stories, we will continue to add stories that were not posted to the original site, we will continue to add new stories. The Crowe's Point universe is a part of all of this too, and I'm proud to say, still is garnering interest from old readers, old writers and potential new writers.

Now this is what I need for you all to do: if you have any type of stories on the original site (, check all of the contents immediately and see if you have anything there. If you do, then Michelle will have it saved for the time being, and Beej and I will likely be getting all of these from her to backup as well. (Your work isn't going to be lost, I promise ).

Maybe now is the time for you to update something you wrote way back when, or to finish something you started, or to do a complete rewrite. Having your story back in your hands -- if you desire -- will be the chance! (I may even rework something myself! ). We just need to know if you want your story reposted as part of the Gaslight Gateway site, because that will now be our repository. If you wrote something that was non-Crowe related, you might wish to post your story at the Moonlight Hotel website (contact Trisha for more information), but if you want your Crowe related work and of course your Crowe's Point stories to be available once more, then Beej, Sharon and I will be more than happy to give it a home on GaslightHotel

And I am sending out this message to even those writers that I have not heard from in years. Beej, Sharon and I want to welcome you back if you'd like to rejoin the Gaslight family. When we started the Gateway, it was so we could bring fresh life to something we loved and it's worked! We have heard from so many of you that have either discovered Gaslight or rediscovered Gaslight, and we appreciate all of your kind words. What is happening this week -- what we began in February -- is simply making us work harder to keep that dream a reality! This is our passion -- as I said earlier, we are not going anywhere! We are REACTIVATING something that had fallen into an unfortunate lull and has been dormant for way too long.

Contact us at,,,, or if you have any questions.

Folks -- because of you we have a growing group and a website that will continue something I loved -- and will continue to love -- to be part of. Thanks so much for reading all of this! And as our Savannah would say *massive hugs*

Tina and Beej and Sharon

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